Discussion: Larry Wilmore Tapped To Replace Stephen Colbert

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A worthy replacement for SC - More Wilmore - Jessica Williams gets promoted to Senior black correspondent.


Tough shoes to fill, but I can see Wilmore stepping in nicely. Like the show name too haha.


WHOO-HOO! Great, great choice! My bet had been on Craig Ferguson, but this is a terrific result. Much luck, Larry!


Am I the only one who doesn’t like Wilmore? His voice grates on me. I love the concept of the show, but I’d much rather see Jessica Williams head it than Wilmore.

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The number one priority of Republicans will be to make sure Wilmore is a one term show host.


Right! They should give Mittens his own show on FoxSpews. He’s a funny guy… :slight_smile:


LOVE it! He’s great!

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Will he be succeeding Colbert as America’s most prominent Catholic? Or will Colbert be taking that with him?

If he does, I hope he corrects the impression that Colbert gave that Catholics believe in a literal interpretation of the bilble. That had grown dull many repetitions ago. I personally could use a brushup on the distinctions between the impediments to a valid versus the impediments to a licit marriage. I get confused.

Yes, you are the only one, anywhere, who doesn’t like Wilmore. That is your cross to bear, sir.


I knew it!

Yes. Jessica Williams is very talented, but certainly not ready to head such a show. His voice and demeanor are perfect for such a show. Brilliant choice. He’s a fantastic writer and a gifted comedian.

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Good news. He’s a hoot.

Clever name too, but I guess “Majority Report” would have stirred the Turnerists.


Excellent choice!! Jut watched again his bit on Lincoln and slavery vs Fox’s Judge Napolitano libertarian BS. It was an epic take down and very funny.


Jessica Williams still seems a little nervous to me. Not ready to host. Larry is very funny and seems very relaxed and confident.

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It’s time Samantha Bee had her own news/snark show.


An African American dude taking over Colbert’s chair? Where might this lead? An African American dude in the Oval Office???

Oh… Nebbermind. :smiley:


time for the racists heads to explode


I remember Wilmore’s skit about how Obama ruined life for lazy black people,because now they have to act ambitious, because someone thinks they could be be president someday, it was hilarious.

Wait - you think Larry Wilmore’s voice is annoying, so you prefer Jessica Williams? Don’t get me wrong, I like her, but besides clearly not being ready (she’s improved a lot since starting though), her voice is really grating. Also, while Wilmore sometimes uses a sort of whiny voice for effect, it’s not his usual speaking voice.

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