Discussion: Larry Wilmore Reminds Tom Brady That He Is In Fact Tom Brady (VIDEO)

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Hey Larry, you’re gonna be awful sad Sunday night.


I thought keeping it 70’s meant having a lot of pubic hair?

But the fashion accessory that his super model wife picked out for him makes him look like Charlie Brown. No matter. His credibility was shot years ago.

Not very funny. “Deflategate” is one of the most bogus sports “scandals” ever. I don’t get a lot of enjoyment out of false accusations, even if it’s only football.

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Really? This is worth spending time on?

Larry Wilmore is now dead to me.

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Likewise (even though I’d never heard of him before). RIP Larry.

I have to ask, did the reporter know he was asking Tom Brady about “Tom Brady”? And Larry–falsely accusing someone of cheating is not as uproariously funny as you seem to think.