Discussion: Larry Wilmore: Boxing Is 'Corrupt' And Shrinking, Like NBC (VIDEO)

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Two excellent points.

Larry seems like his head and heart are in the right place, but his show just doesn’t have the same punch as Colbert or Stewart. Which, unfortunately for Mr. Wilmore (and anyone else trying to fill their shoes later this year), are the benchmarks he’s up against.

Larry needs more time to hit his stride. He’s getting there!

If interesting with all the talk about football and brain injury that boxing doesn’t seem to be mentioned along with it.

I like Larry’s show and the direction of his humor. Mr. C’s a hard act to follow…I mean I’m still groovin’ to Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, particularly the genius Fenton Quest/Race Bannon custody battle of Mr. C’s wanton youth…or, would that be won-ton youth?

NBC. What a moronic network.

To be fair, if you go back and watch Colbert’s first shows (not sure if you can anymore), it took him a while to get it all right as well.