Discussion: LA Times: 1 Dead, 3 Injured In Active Shooting In Azusa, California

Trump: California votes should be considered null and void. My supporters are being killed as they vote.

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Somehow, I expected this. I can’t imagine why.

Azusa is not Trump country. Most likely, this is just a coincidence, but if it comes out it will most likely be Trump supporters attacking the poll.

That would be real stupidity on the part of the people who did the shooting if they’re trump supporters… I guess some people just cannot abide a difference of opinion.

Clay Jenkins, who portrays Thomas Jefferson on The Jefferson Hour, predicted on his show taped on 11/7 that there would be shootings and riots. He said it hearkens back to the election of 1800, when James Monroe came close to using Virginia militia to invade Washington to ensure that Jefferson’s election was honored.

Shit, I thought we’d be passed that by now.

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this sucks… I grew up there from the time I was born until we move to NorCA when I was 14… need more details…

Donald Trump Jr.: “It’s another assassination attempt on my father.”

Azusa, everything from A to Z in the USA.
Worked there way back, late 70’s-early 80’s and that’s what my Dad told me that it stood for?

Who knows why for the shooting, most likely just because it’s Tuesday or just because?