Discussion: Krauthammer: Why Is Congress Upset? Bergdahl Release Was Legal (VIDEO)

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Sounds like MoDo gave Charles a piece of her candy bar…


Sour Kraut defending Obama? Surely that is one of the signs of the apocalypse.


It hurts to agree with Krauthammer twice…
On the legality and that Obama should be making that case…

Another Internet meme is born at TPM! And we were here to witness it.

If only I’d had the same clarity the first time I saw the mysterious poster who called himself “Idiotic” post “THIS IS EXCELLENT NEWS!!! FOR HILLERY!!!” back in aught-seven.

Hold on there, Kraut Von Bulow - if the people in Guantanamo are POWs, then they have rights under that quaint old Geneva Convention thingee.

When you’ve lost Skelator, you’ve lost the universe.


Charlie Kraut could lose his armchair pontification job at Fox News with this dissent. The Right believes only the Right prisoners of war should be rescued.

Retraction imminent. bet on it.

I would argue that Obama HAS made that case… he explicitly said that as CinC he has authority to act in an emergency despite the letter of the law. The fact of the prisoner’s declining health – which seems entirely true – necessitated using emergency powers. I don’t see how Obama’s argument differs substantively from Krauthammer’s, except in how the media has spun it.

One point I would like to see the WH make more explicitly is that these were POWs, and thus would be very difficult to hold under international law once we end our engagement in Afghanistan. Did we really give anything up, or just get a quid pro quo for a release that would soon have been necessary anyway?


Maybe Obama wanted to speak in lay terms for the average American (and GOPer) that wouldn’t listen long enough to understand the difference, knowing the GOPers would run with it.

The president has given up publicly explaining things to the GOP. It doesn’t prevent the drumbeat, and it is far more effective to let the public see them rant like unhinged children while the rest of us continue to function in the real world.

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I hate when I occasionally have to agree with Krauthammer. The guy was right on target though and I’m sure a bunch of conservatives are b_tt hurt over his comments.

I agree. Rope-a-dope has more than one meaning here.

“Krauthammer added that he found it “odd” that Congress “all of a sudden is upset in the one area where the President has the strongest claim to act unilaterally, and that is in matters of war and peace.””

You found it odd that the GOP Congress got upset over something? Where have you been for the last six years?

Bottom line IMHO.if the President did a triple back flip off the Empire State building into a thimble full of water and walked away,they would complain that the thimble was to high.

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Someone has had his colostomy bag changed…

So Krauthammer and Stanley McCrystal, two Repugs, defend the President while all the Democrats sit with their thumbs up their asses or, like Madame Dianne Frankenstein, also attack the Prez. No wonder the Democrats can’t mount an effective offensive against even the most insane group of rabid clown politicians to ever steal office – the D’s are cowardly pussies who haven’t a clue what political solidarity is.