Discussion: Kids With Cancer Hold Vigil In DC Park After Secret Service Shut Down First Event

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Do such “shutdowns” occur often? If so, rerouting POTUS egress from the White House should be seriously considered. If shutdowns don’t occur often, or never before, why was this departure singled out? Is the Secret Service deliberately creating “bad optics” for President “attending a gala” Obama from resentment?

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This got some big coverage from my small-town weekly paper because some local folks were there. Glad it worked out in a friendly way. OR2, I think it was probably the kind of unfortunate glitchy misunderstanding that happens everywhere all the time and will forever.


You are probably right, but there have been a history of “glitches” by the Secret Service and the Obamas.

God knows there’ve been a series of strange incidents where they sure weren’t professional and they really, really need to be.