Discussion: Key Witness In McDonnell Case: I Didn’t Know Governor’s Wife Had A Crush On Me

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“Key Witness In McDonnell Case: I Didn’t Know Governor’s Wife Had A Crush On Me”

… “I thought the Governor was the one with the crush!”


I mean sure, I nailed her, but I didn’t know she was emotionally involved!


She didn’t really have a crush on him. She had a crush on his money. She was planning to be first or second lady and needed that money.


It has been reported that her favorite position is bent over a checkbook while facing Neiman-Marcus.


I am amazed that these mentally challenged “teenagers” walk around in polite society.

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Johnnie had absolutely NO idea that Mrs. Guv was faunching for him.

She just always eats a banana that way.


Desperate attempt from the defense to muddy the waters. If this is the best they have (ie crush) they are pathetic. Next it will be “the devil made me do it”.


Sorry Mrs. McDonnell the jig is up, but I’ll give you an A for effort.


Ha ha ha… Rim shot fargo116 ha ha ha ha,

From the picture, Maureen McDonnell looks very satisfied with Jonny Williams. I don’t know whether the gifts of luxury goods and money alone would be enough to accomplish that.

I am sure that the defense will have to produce scientific evidence to defend their position, DNA would be helpful. Is there a way that a crush could produce fingerprints, DNA or something of that sort?

Dust his American Express card

That’s Ok. She didn’t either. Until her lawyer told her.


I suppose when you’re a ten-year-old you can get away with this.

At his advanced age? Not so much.

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lol jonnie boy just wanted exclusive rights to the have a governor as an employee. Moreen was just a side benefit. To think, the moment they both thought, he used me, she used me or so they thought. lol
earth shattering huh?? lol lol

She had a crush for his money.

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Maureen initial excitement evaporated when she realized that Bob only wanted legislation passed to “probe women’s vaginas” in VA…so the poor dear’s frustration just continued to build and build. Bob was more interesting IN BEING probed, it appears, so old crone Maureen HAD to look elsewhere! ~sigh!~

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I’ve been in the exact same position. I just didn’t notice she wasn’t wearing panties with her legs spread. How unobservant can a guy get?

Truth is stranger than fiction (at least in my case)!

So let’s say that she did indeed have a thing for Williams… how is that a defense for her actions? Asking him to buy her daughter a car? Asking for money/loans? Wedding reception catering $15K for daughter? Hawking a dietary “supplement” to anyone who would (or had to) listen?

Those are conscious and deliberate actions taken by her. It puzzles me that a defense attorney would even bring up the “crush” theory. Is this supposed to be an alternate version of the Twinkie Defense where she is not responsible for her actions due to uncontrollable urges? Pathetic!

As an Virginian, this whole mess is embarrassing. This is what happens when a state only allows a one-term governor. There is no accountability to the people–just a four-year smash-and-grab to get all they can in their time in the Governor’s Mansion.

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