Discussion: Kerry Also Won't Meet With Netanyahu During US Visit

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Good for Obama and Kerry.

I’m deeply troubled by the ever-increasing power of the extreme right in Israel. It would be a good thing if Netanyahu lost the election and the government moved at least a hair to the left. In any case, shame on the Republicans for helping him in his campaign and for working to sabotage nuclear-control negotiations with Iran.


Kerry’s trademark awkward “bro hug” would only end up looking like he was embracing a porcupine. He wanted to spare himself that.

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Ouch! Now, I would like to see a majority of the Democratic Congress-people not show up for the big speech. I’m not talking about a boycott-- definitely not. Democrats should simply become busy with other things: a fundraising event, a visiting aunt, etc., etc. The end result would be to demonstrate that the Netanyahu invitation is a purely partisan farce.


The last time Netanyahu addressed Congress, the GOP openly prostrated themselves in front of him and just about expressed willingness to be subjugated by a foreign leader over our own democratically elected one. That was pretty humiliating.


I am ROTFLMAO and enjoying it beyond words


Not if AIPAC has anything to say about it. No, they will all be there.

Ask yourself this:

Does Israel need as much US funding if Iran suddenly isn’t a threat of becoming a nuclear power?


Just think about that for a second. A leader of a foreign country comes to town for the express purpose of derailing negotiations that could, if successful, save American lives and does so in a way that is a direct insult to their country’s president and the leader of their party.

And yet, they’ll be afraid not to show up? Will they be accused of discourtesy?

Thing is, I think you’re probably right. I now have something to write to my congressional delegation.


It wouldn’t surprise me if he woke up and realized it might actually not play that well for him to be seen involving himself in petty, divisive 'Murkin political shenanigans, insulting the sitting POTUS and Sec of State AND, in particular, being willing to involve the divisive GOP congress in Israel’s elections…I really think TPM and others who have treated this as win-win for Bibi and the GOP are perhaps missing the forest for the trees somewhat. Good politicians running against him should be able to make this bullshit backfire if he goes along with it.

Of course, Netty is such a megalomaniacally fascist douche that maybe he won’t come to his senses.


Ditto for me too…When some rightwing asshole at my synagogue takes Boner and Bibi’s side in all this, I’ll be sure to make my Jewish-American voice heard too, by telling him/her that messing with hard fought diplomacy is a losing proposition for Israel as well as the United States. Thankfully, a lot of folks in my congregation don’t care for Netanyahu’s belligerence and warmongering either.

Now if we can only get the Democratic caucus in the House to support our President in an act of party unity and call in with their no-show, I think the table will be set for a very embarrassing faux pas on the part of rightwing Republicans and rightwing Israelis that want to thwart diplomatic efforts to secure Iran’s nuclear program, and continue to foment instability in the region.



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[strike]antisemite[/strike] self-hating jew.


It would be preferable that instead of name-calling you instead respond to what SRfromGR wrote. Name-calling does not further the discussion.

It’s snark, brother. It’s TGOUT’s bread and butter in his performance art schtick.




Its going to end up looking like a campaign trip that maybe he should spend his time at home with. I hope it fails spectacularly.


We have some great Jewish delis here in NYC, and I bet they don’t want Ben’s ass in their establishments either.

I’m pretty sure it’s unConstitutional for the President and Secretary of State of the United States to refuse to meet with the Israeli prime minister.

Wait, it’s not?

Well then, it must at least be against the law.


Huh. How about that.

Seriously, AIPAC must be pissed. Also, they must be burning up the cell phone towers to make sure everyone else shows up to genuflect, er, “show respect”.


As an American Jew and a Zionist myself, I heartily agree that to the extent possible, Netanyahu should get the official cold shoulder until and unless he decides to realize that Palestinians also have rights … and also until he apologizes for the shameful way he treated Vice-President Biden.