Discussion: Kentucky Lawyer Running For Judge Dies Day After He Wins Primary Election

Was he a Republican or Democrat? I don’t know whether I should be happy or not.

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I’m stunned and a little broken hearted. I didn’t know him personally as many of my friends did, but he was the candidate I was most excited to vote for on Tuesday. A lot of people in the liberal community loved this guy. Actually, it seems anyone who worked with him loved him. He was very progressive and would’ve made an awesome judge. It’s such a tragedy for his family and our community. He had three kids, two of which probably aren’t even out of diapers. Terrible, terrible business.


He was a human being


They are demonic human beings if Republican. I am officially sad, he was a Democrat.

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He had a wife and three kids, anyone who would celebrate the death of a father and husband is domonic. Dehumanizing is a tactic of Fascists and Trump. Which are you?


OK, I’m “domonic”? If he was a Republican his children would have been rid of a demonic father that would have done them no good. Better to have no father than a demonic one, a Republican. Exterpolate that.

That’s what I was thinking. While I may find some Republicans despicable, dehumanizing others is only becoming as despicable as them.


Always astounding when some one that although they look in relatively decent health, have some serious underlying health issue. Not as surprising as say Bob Harper, but still. Peace to his loved ones regardless of his political persuasions.

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This is a tragedy.

Alvarez was described as “a true public servant, a humanitarian, and a champion for human rights and the immigrant community” by his campaign consultant Jonathan Hurst.

Take a wild guess.

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My first impulse was to say, “Don’t you hate when that happens,” but then I read the comments above. I am properly chastened. RIP.

You’re right, it was a complete oversight on my part. I did not have to express myself as I did, unless I was trying to get a malicious rise out of someone. But those thoughts are unapologetically what have become while watching the Evil Ones ascend to greater and greater power through the last forty years. No quarter.

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I understand. I had the same question when I read the headline.
It’s a perfectly reasonable response at this point in time.

The only consolation is that, on the day before his death, he had a major positive personal accomplishment. Winning an election of any sort is difficult, and he must have been quite pleased.

And just to further prove the point…Uploading…

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Hurst would have faced second-place finisher Tanisha Ann Hickerson in a November runoff in the Jefferson County District Court judge’s race.

Hurst Alvarez would have faced second-place finisher Tanisha Ann Hickerson in a November runoff in the Jefferson County District Court judge’s race.

In Kentucky judge races are non-partisan. They cannot run as a party candidate. Based on his background and reputation, he would have been a Democrat. He represented immigrants as part of his practice.

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