Discussion: Kelly Imposes Discipline Amid Chaos In 1st Month As WH Chief Of Staff

In his first month on the job, White House chief of staff John Kelly has made significant progress toward imposing discipline on a chaotic operation, even as it’s clear he still struggles to have the same effect on the president himself.

Sorry, its just so hard to take the AP seriously anymore when they write this kind of drivel. I couldn’t get past the first paragraph after reading this. Yeah. He’s doing a bang-up job, Skippy. Wow. Kelly the Chaos-killer…and now, total order has been restored. We now return you to your normally spazzed-out programming.

Are there two planet Earths…because I want off this one, and back on the one that makes sense?


It’s the “puff piece” Olympics!!!


Kelly discovers that his boss is insane.

Went back to scan the article and found this gem…

Bannon, who opposed a troop increase, did speak with Trump twice on Saturday and also with Pence during the day, according to a person familiar with the calls.

Now, had it said twice on Sunday I would have called bullshit. Even tRump isn’t that religiously disciplined to be at the altar of Bannon on a Sunday, I would surmise. In fact, he’s not disciplined at all. Which do you think it was…tRump calling Bannon, or Bannon calling tRump??

What it really shows is that when you leave this White House…you never really go gentle into that good night. tRump in some sense is like a helicopter mom hovering over all of his sycophant flunkies after they leave. Or maybe its the other way around.

Eh, need more coffee…

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Agreed. Its another version of the “pivot” story that they all just can’t seem to stop themselves from writing.

If things seem a bit more orderly in the inner circle, its because Bannon has left. And Kelly had nothing to do with that, that was all Trump being pissed about Bannon bragging about how he is the one really controlling Trump and pulling the levers of power.

To a minor degree because Kushner and Ivanka have been staying off the radar because…they are spending way more time talking to their own attorneys. Which isn’t really a good sign pointing towards stability either.

I am pretty sure that having the President railing against Heller, Flake, Corker, Tillis and especially the Senate Majority Leader doesn’t fit into anybody’s definition of “disciplined”


Bingo again. The “calm” they think they are seeing, is just the calm before an outside the White House Bannon, with a direct line into the President’s ear, starts really going medieval on everyone else. Including eventually, Kelly.


This is as silly as the PIVOT! stuff from the campaign. In what way was there discipline during the monument kerfluffle, or with Bush’s rally in AZ this week?

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Is there a reason we have to suffer through a “Kelly is bringing discipline to the WH” article after every disastrous clusterfuck of non-discipline since he took over as CoS?

As if this time maybe it’ll be true?

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