Discussion: Kasich On Palin’s Endorsement Of Trump: ‘She’s Back In The News Again'

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Methinks John was being sarcastic.


As in, “She is a ‘special’ child, God Bless Her.”


Thus proving that in GOP eyes, any publicity is good, no matter what nonsense you say. And celebrity is equivalent to a blessing from God.

It’s fortunate Palin doesn’t have a penis. The line of GOP politicians flocking to her on their knees would wrap around the block.

I think the Guv meant to say,

“Bless her Heart.” BURN


Bless her = make sure she gets help for her psychotic break immediately, before she hurts someone.

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Considering his actions and politics, I have often wanted to remind my governor he was born and still resides north of the Mason-Dixon.

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Sort of a condescending statement from Kasich. But as Josh pointed out, it’s her party now and not his.


I hope that was tongue in cheek, John…I was beginning to believe you were the ‘sane’ one…

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I hope so. If Kasich was serious, then that statement alone should disqualify him from ever occupying the White House.

His meaning would have been clearer if he had said, “Bless her heart.”


Kasich is a little smarter than the rest of the field, much to his detriment. He sees through a lot of the GOP base’s BS attitudes and behaviors. Unfortunately, he’s still way too right wing for the rest of the country and really wouldn’t be any better for the country than a Cruz or Trump or Rubio or Paul. But, God bless him, he thinks he’s got a chance.


but he does know his southernisms…

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It’s a part of a southern insult… .http://countryoutfitter.life/southern-insults/

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In the South, we would say, “Bless her little heart.”
Then we’d gently shake our heads and look down for a second.


Goes along with calling her “a little touched.”

Yes, seems obvious he was being sarcastic, he did not reference anything of substance, only that she is “back in the news again”. Almost like talking about someone who is always in the police blotter.

Yea, I took it as a backhanded slap…

I’m getting the feeling that Kasich is sensing his opening, and he’s taking it. Of the non-crazies left in the field, he’s the least objectionable, and the most qualified, relatively speaking. He’s seeing a chance to get the rational Republicans (what there are) behind him, and this is a good way of setting out a marker.

I still wouldn’t vote for him in a general, but I’d rather take the chance of losing to Kasich in November and knowing that the President at least isn’t a total asshole or a total nutcase.