Discussion: Kasich: Mistake For Senate To 'Force One-Sided Deal' On Health Care

The problem is that the GOP and Democrats don’t agree on what the failings are.

The Democrats think it fails in providing a simple, cost-effective means for ensuring all Americans have access to basic health care, and want to work towards a system that accomplishes that goal.

The Republicans think it fails in that it provides health care to Americans, and want to blow it up and let people who can’t afford health care go without.

It’s the same thing over and over again any time these “they should work together to find a solution” lines come up – the sides don’t agree on what the problem is, so how can they agree on a solution?

Kasich (i.e. Croatian Jesus) is trying so hard to position himself as the surviving GOP leader when the Trump administration crumbles. For all of Kasich’s public statements, check his record in Ohio. He’s no heroic moderate.