Discussion: Justice Department, FBI Investigating Cambridge Analytica

From the article “Analytica’s business practices. The probe in the U.S. is focused mainly on the company’s finances”

So they know they are part of the TrumpLand mob, now they want to know their sugar daddy(s).

Assuming they can trace all that money, and my bet is on the FBI, this is going to be real interesting.


Not forgetting it has changed its name to Emadata ( I believe ) .


I think that was Mercer’s baby.

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Yes. Which makes reporting like these statements, utter nonsense.

“The Department of Justice and the FBI are investigating the now inoperative Cambridge Analytica data firm”

“Earlier this month, the company said it would declare bankruptcy.”

They just moved the assets and personnel to another paper cut out. The speed with which they did that was astounding however, and raises a ton of red flags in its own right.

The FBI has to go after the people not the company charters.


Article did not mention names Bannon nor Guliani, but Wilie’s afternoon tv interviews did… this could get interesting!

US face to company which I note gives it the appearance of legitimacy. Let’s see if anything else comes up. Those Ukrainian escorts did not come out of nowhere.


What about Facebook, they are in it up to their eyeballs. They were told about this type of shit at least 10 years ago but lent a blind eye to it in the pursuit of money. They continue to do so today. FB is/are enablers.

Recently FB stated they dropped 500 million bogus accounts. I call BULL PHUCKY. Example why because one of their so called bogus accounts was mine, created so that I could comment on HuffPost and other sites that required a FB account for commenting. They dropped me because I refused to provide a phone number different than that I provided the other 15 times they asked and accepted. Seemed the number was used by my daughter therefore was no longer a valid number in their system for my use. I’ll not purchase a second phone just to have a unique number for each person residing within my home. FB must come clean and if a investigation is required so-be-it…

which makes it even more puzzling since corporations are people according to the supreme court

“now inoperative” - no, just a different name. If I rob a convenience store, then quietly change my name to Belinda Bad, I am now free of prosecution should the survelliance footage identify my former self. hmm…

I think Britain has a jumpstart on the investigation process. I could be wrong, but they’ve got CA in their sights too. If we don’t get these bad actors, they will. I’d bet good money British Intelligence is working with the Mueller investigation to get to the bottom of this company’s shenanigans both here, in the UK as well as around the world. Britain has also have summoned that braggart, Alexander Nix, so I hope eventually the Mercers end up under the klieg lights and are scrutinized thoroughly as well.

Yes. And he stepped down from his fund and got very quiet middle last year I think. I suspect he’s had a visit or two from Serious People In Black Suits Who Don’t Smile Much.

Fingers crossed.