Discussion: Jury Says It Is Stuck in Ventura Case After 5 Days

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“Millions in damages?!?” Just how insecure is Jesse “the has been” Ventura?

You mean to tell me there is a court case that is trying to decide weather or not a man decked Jessee Ventura in a bar fight . Thats what this is all about? Come on.


What a pansy, Ventura can’t even beat a dead man. Note to Ventura, even if you win the lawsuit your reputation is in tatters. You are suing a dead man who died working with a veteran with PTSD to take money from his widow. You are one hell of a great man—NOT.

If Jesse ends up with a settlement, he won’t be taking a widow’s money; he’ll be receiving redress for an attempt to profit by telling deliberate lies about his behavior and his character. He will be the only rightful recipient of that money. He doesn’t have to merely assert that he was unlawfully defamed, he has to prove it.

I am a lawyer. I know what it means legally, but the lawsuit still makes the tough man look like a pussy. His reputation as a big man is in tatters.

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I thought that Civil cases went away when your dead?

More to the point Kyle is a hero who died trying to help a PTSD ex soldier he had never even met before. The sick bastard shot him in the head at a gun range Kyle had emptied for them. Now you want to sue what his estate and get his kids money.

Jesse Ventura your just a washed up old man with no honor.

Chris Kyle played a part in this. The jury is in. If you’re a lawyer, you should have some respect for litigants who press their claims and defend their rights even though doing so might make them look “bad.” You should. Apparently you don’t, but you should.

I am not a Chris Kyle fan. I read his books and think he was full of himself. The problem here is Ventura had a reputation as a macho man, yet knowing Kyle was dead he decided to go for the money. He would have been better off if he had noisily dropped the lawsuit gallantly tipping his hat to the widow. That would have generated him a lot of favorable press. Now he has a 1.5 million dollar judgment and a bunch of costs. I don’t know how large the probate estate is but he will have to get in line with the rest of the creditors.