Discussion: Judge Schedules Pretrial Hearing In Freddie Gray Cases

Discussion for article #241579

Five of the six officers have asked to have their statements to investigators thrown out because they allegedly were improperly obtained. One officer didn’t give a statement. Three of the officers are black.

It’s amusing how race doesn’t matter until it does. When an officer is white, we’re told that this means nothing. Yet the AP makes sure to add this little note about the race of the officers who killed Freddie Gray, almost as the final word of the piece.

Likewise, President Obama is often said to be “only half black”, but only to deprive him of “cred”, while other times he’s called an “African” or the N-word. Activist Shaun King is attacked for not being black enough because he’s “only half white”.

In other words, when it makes black people look worse, they’re always black. When it makes them look better, any part of them which is “white” is highlighted.

Race is a funny thing.