Discussion: Judge Orders Release Of 9-Year-Old Brazilian Boy Separated At Border

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Good. Couple thousand more to go.


This entire episode is so shameful…it’s basically kidnapping kids, and then making the parents go through huge amounts of effort just to find their children, and even more to get them back. The idea that hundreds of parents have been sent home without their kids should infuriate every American…we just aren’t supposed to do things like that. It’s especially unChristian…the fact that a large number of Christians are just fine with this behavior makes it clear they don’t care about the tenets of their religion, only the ability to force others to worship their God.

I just don’t know how we get through the next six months, or 2.5 years, without losing our moral compass as a nation.


Your tax dollars at work.

Not the 1%'s of course, just yours.


One step at a time, same as always.

See you on Saturday!


“This was not the American dream.”

Feature, not a bug. It is 100% intended to send the message that there is no such thing waiting for brown people in the ReWhited States of Amurikkka, only nightmares.


Souza visited Diogo for the first time since May on Tuesday. They embraced, and she kissed him several times on the head and face, then grabbed his cheeks gently with her hands as they both cried.

“I missed you so much,” she said in Portuguese.

Asked how he was, Diogo said: “I am better now.”

Their visit lasted an hour. Then he returned to U.S. government custody.

“He cried a lot when the time came to say goodbye,” she said. “He thought we would be taking him home.”

When our long, national nightmare finally ends, and the Trumpzis are swept from power, may I humbly suggest legislation to create a domestic version of the Nuremberg Tribunal?


We’re all worried about the implications of the changes to the Supreme Court but, for right now, I am reading this and cheering. G_d bless the judges who are still doing their jobs guided by the wisdom of what is just and humane.


This is an example of why tRump doesn’t want to bring on more immigration judges. He wants to turn brown people away at the southern border. This is how tRump thinks of the immigration problem- hordes of brown people try to infest our country. Meanwhile, he doesn’t see holding these children in detention as a problem, because he wants to punish them for attempting to come here.

We are quickly becoming a pariah nation with a broken moral compass.


shatner might be dead by then


Alex Baldwin should still be around.



I’d say a goodly percentage of us have taken a sledgehammer to whatever ethical teaching they ever had.


Also disturbing is that they are using her desire to get her son back to extract info from her about other potentially undocumented immigrants. If you had any doubt about why the government is doing this, it is abundantly clear the policy leading to the present horror arose not out of simply nastiness, carelessness, and stupidity, although there’s plenty of that, but rather because they decided to use children to blackmail their relatives.
Damn it. Give me back my country, warts and all.


Let’s take it back. Together. Starting Saturday, pushing through nov and keeping it up until Jan 21,2021


Republicans were holding the innocent children, instead of happily getting the child back to its mother.

For the kid’s good?

Shame on every conservative. Those who advocate the government seizure of a certain race of children under the guise of religion or nationalism are worse than Muslim extremists.


Yes, it’s obvious they are making hurdles to drag it out which is infuriating. To want to purposely inflict maximum punishment on children is shameful.


The United States used to be viewed as a bastion of freedom, as a beacon of hope, as a sanctuary of justice.

Now, I’m afraid, we are increasingly reviled internationally for our cruelty, our belligerence and racism.

This is simply intolerable - but we now have one major political party that seems to have declared war on decency. There is no stance that is too mean for them to adopt. It really is astonishing.

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I wonder how many other children have gotten chickenpox from being warehoused. How awful to know that your child is sick and you aren’t allowed to take care of him.

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