Discussion: Judge: Glenn Beck Must Disclose His Boston Marathon Bombing Sources


Glenn Beck’s source is likely his own ass, does anyone really want that disclosed?


This should be simple. Beck’s not a journalist, so there’s no privilege.


I was thinking the same thing. He works for as a political commentator for an entertainment station so where’s the privilege?


Not a good day for people that like to make shit up…


He’s no journalist. He doesn’t deliver news and he never has. So the 1st amendment issue ain’t much.

This is getting very interesting indeed.


If this is truly a national security issue, which I am certain Glen Beck is alleging, then shouldn’t the sources be verified?

Jobs, indeed.


“You don’t take me seriously, do you?”

More lawsuits like this please. The Zombie Fourth Estate has gotten WAAAAAAAAAAY too comfortable with the “anonymous sources” bullshit as an invulnerable, unassailable way of fabricating and manufacturing whatever complete fucking nonsense it wants as a narrative, and it needs its privilege checked. It’s become no different than Trump’s “some people say” and “many people are saying”. Look into the mirror that is Trump, “news” industry, you made him in your own mold.


I was going to say something similar, but you said it for me.

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So after questioning by pros (and why was he singled out for that, btw?), and testimony by the DHS Secretary absolutely debunking the idea that he’s connected, Beck continues to verbally assault Alharbi for another two weeks? No questions about it, not even the suggestion that “hey folks, if he did it and the government is covering up that he did, he’s a bad man who paid terrorists” weasally words that might give him some walkback room.

I’d say that constitutes defamation and that financial penalties ought to be added on for being too stupid to know how dog whistles work.


Best part? In the court order, it mentions 2 Blech! staffers, named “Weasel” and “Cheatwood.”

Their. Actual. Frikkin’. Names.


He has to show it… if its the source. I won’t look… but will rely on others to do so. :smile:

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Slander gets no 1st Amendment protection.


His source(s)?

“Some people are saying.”

“I’ve heard…”

It should be, but nothing is simple in Beck’s conspiracy addled brain.

Now, Mr Neutron, is it true that you can eat vast quantities of icecream without being sick?

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Beck has to disclose the sources or admit the position he claims is unfounded.

Neapolitano has the right to face his accusers.

How can you interview sources, when the sources are the voices in Beck’s head?

What Beck did to this guy is disgusting. Did immeasurable damage to the guy’s reputation, and given the level of anger and outrage and desire for revenge in the wake of the Boston bombing, probably put the guy and his family in quite significant personal danger.

I hope he is bankrupted and hounded for payments for the rest of his miserable crybaby life.