Discussion: Jon Stewart: Wall Street Enjoys The Ultimate 'Grade Inflation' (VIDEO)

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just a brilliant way to break it down…


Those of us who care about hearing things the way they are will miss this guy…sorely! We’re losing a stalwart. I truly hope Trevor Noah is up to the task. Huge shoes to fill.

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Maybe he could run for something.

C’mon people, this is no mystery. Jail time? For white people committing white collar crime? Ha, ha, ha. Unless it’s Madoff or some other putz that’s pushed the needle so egregiously they’re practically begging for a cell it’s not happening. Now, the Atlanta teachers? Well, they’re black. Being black is reason enough in and of itself to be jailed. Add in the commision of any crime at all and it’s a foregone result. I’d say they’re lucky the Atlanta police didn’t figure out a way to gun them down when they were being detained.
“She was reaching for a No. 2 pencil!!! And it was sharpened!!!”

Nah, they should be happy they made it to jail. They’re still breathing. Once a Republican grabs the Oval Office permission to still breathe will be black folk’s lot in life.


If only the Atlanta school system had enriched some children and wives of a few Presidents and Senators and Congressmen…

I never made this connection, but it seems the bankers should be the one in jail

You know the only reason Madoff went to jail is he committed fraud on rich people,ones with power. If he had bilked the average mom and pop, he would have gotten a slap on the wrist and a small fine.


There is only ONE JON STEWART…I’m going to miss his program.

His program last night was great. Dana Perino and Jon were so entertaining. Loved it.

BTW, I’d like give a shout-out to the ‘DUMB GUY’ on The Five.