Discussion: Jon Stewart Shreds Fox For Making Selma Anniversary About George Bush (VIDEO)

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All politics aside … George W. Bush left office MORE THAN SIX YEARS AGO! - On what planet does the person who left office over a half a decade ago, & was only a minor participant, warrant being ‘showcased’ in the reporting of a news item - when the current President is present & a central participant in the event.


Most of the bit was about CNN and its protracted breathless reporting on the breaking news about the way CNN was reporting the story. It was as powerful an indictment of the idiocy that CNN had degenerated into since they made the dumbest fucking ass in the whole stable the anchor as any he’s done. The Fox jab was obligatory.


CROPPED??? It’s not the same picture!

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Hush. You’re stealing their outrage.

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I was watching Steve Kornacki (sp?) filling in for Rachel Maddow last night and he was discussing the Hillary e-mail non-story with some pundits. And their discussion was about the media reporting and Clinton’s need for a direct response and there was so little information, as in facts, it was obvious the media had become the story. All I want to know is if Hillary broke any laws. If not then move on. If so, then let justice be served. Also while we are at it, please make sure Bush and his acolytes are tried for their crimes. You know the crimes that lead to 100s of thousands of unnecessary deaths? So much of the news is this self-perpetuated distraction, where there is no story, but the media itself becomes the story. So nauseating to watch.


I always watch TV news with “a net and a baseball bat”.

Not only left office, but immediately sold his pretend ranch, moved to the big city, and disappeared from Republican politics including conventions because they didn’t want to remind anyone.

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Not only was GWB waaaay over to the side away from the important people in the march (where he deserved to be as the former and now forgotten head of the now blatantly anti-civil rights party not to mention worst president in history) but the NYT said his white shirt and white skin (they didn’t say that part) made him way overexposed among all the dark suits and dark faces.

I once worked on a two character Fugard play with two naked actors, one black and one white. The lighting designer joked about how it was impossible to light, and got the director to have the black guy put on a white tank top. It’s how our eyes work, and even with digital photography it’s even worse with photos.

Jon not only summed up the vapid (CNN) and evil (Fox) approaches of each network, but managed to be hilarious at the same time. He’ll be a tough act to follow.

George W Bush, he’s that dumbass that listened to all those other dumbasses that love war and oil more than people that wrecked America’s economy intentionally then skated away right. The last Republican President right. The brother of the Republicans best white hope now right. The WMD guy right. The worst President ever right.

George W Bush, reminding everyone why the Republicans don’t want everyone to be reminded about him and them.

Repigs don’t recognize non-repig Presidents as legitimate. Especially not a blah. .These are the twits who voted for the guy who believes in pet dinosaurs and moon men while worshiping the Talibunny.

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