Discussion: Jon Stewart Is Angrier At Netanyahu Then Bill O'Reilly's War Tales (VIDEO)

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Scary when intelligence prevails over imagination.
Scary when imagination prevails over intelligence.
Reality is a bitch, just which one is it???

Your point is well taken John, but, I still want O’Reilly skewered and put on a spit.


Mr Stewart I know this is your last season,but in reality your work is just beginning.All the ends you have been tying together are finally weaving that rug that is slowly being pulled out from under folks like O’reilly and others.

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Gonna miss this guy.


That was excellent. I’m going to miss Jon too.

I also love the way the CNN (can’t remember her name) anchor described Bill-O as a “conservative Fox News pundit” as opposed to say; news anchor, journalist, etc. LOL


A pundit soundalike something I should punt. With steel-toed boots, maybe.

If we get a national religion I hope it’s this truth of which Jon Stewart speaks…sigh

I wondered how long before the Beltway media clowns noticed the real news grabber in the VA Director CBS clip was the homeless Special Forces vet and not McDonald’s attempt to connect with him…As usual, crusading comic Jon noticed it first.


“Because it seems to me we might all just be a little better off if the exaggerations about covering a war get less attention than the exaggerations that get us into so many of them,” Stewart said.

Oh, please. That needs to be a bumper sticker!!!


I thought it was a good take. He didn’t let O’'Reilly off the hook, but he did make a bigger point.


Netanyahu = Bush… Because when you want a war, sometimes you have to manipulate events and leave out key facts to get it.

And once again, Stewart proves that he would be twice the value of a Brian Williams or a Bill O’Reilly. This is real reporting; not stenography. Alas, I do not expect to see him anchoring a network news program at any time in the future.

And I am so glad he hit Bibi’s Iran BS; boy, does that 2002-redux play need more publicity. To borrow a phrase my people have used in another serious context, Never Again.


Will sorely miss you John.