Discussion: Jon Stewart Announces His Departure Date From 'The Daily Show' (VIDEO)

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Sure, as you get older you learn a lot, and you branch out politically - but who here can honestly say Jon Stewart didn’t have a hand in kindling their interest in politics? I think that’s his greatest legacy - he’s had a hand in creating so many engaged young voters… it’s incredible. Not many can make that claim.


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I was politically ‘conscious’ back in the 70’s, but he definitely helped my wife understand politics. She proudly says that she gets all of her news from the Daily Show.

Did he really have that kind of impact? I seem to remember his “Restoring Sanity” in 2010 rally drawing a large crowd of young adults, and then those same young adults not bothering to vote in the midterm election a few days later. So much for being interested in politics.

I don’t doubt that the comedic, witty perspective that Jon Stewart gave to the news had a lot of appeal to younger adults who were skeptical of the news sources their parents turned to. But that demographic remains very unreliable when it comes to voting, which is the only expression of political involvement that actually counts in the end.

Bill O’Reilly announced today that he’s leaving his TV and radio shows to retire to the moon, where he will never speak to anyone or be heard from ever again.

Oh sorry, that was a dream I had last night.