Discussion: John Oliver: American Police Are Putting Poor People In The 'F**kbarrel' (VIDEO)

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What on earth would our Founding Fathers say about today’s American justice system?

Shut Down the FuckBarrel!!


This has been a big problem in GA. They were extending cases by putting them on hold when people didnt pay…extending probation until the GA Supreme Court last year said they couldn’t do that any longer, and they had to release thousands of people in jail. Its a really sick thing that these governments do. Where are the liberty loving TP members coming to protest for these people…crickets…


Chicago, too, between the traffic cameras and the boot, really bleeds its poor dry. I think we should have fines predicated on a person’s income, like they do in Finland. As it is, fines are an egregiously regressive tax.

Thanks, John Oliver, for this piece.


This situation is horrible. My daughter ended up paying nearly 1000.00 to L.A. for draining a coke can on the sidewalk before disposing of it while on vacation. (80.00 ticket jacked up for failing to appear. She was on vacation). Spend one day in a local court and it will break your heart what is going on in America on a daily basis.


Over the last 3 decades, it’s become increasingly obvious that there is a concerted effort to criminalize poverty. This insanity will only get worse. The truly awful thing is, neither the Executive, Legislative or Judicial branches of our government will reverse this trend.

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I have thought for a long time that the best way to solve this problem, which isn’t new just worse, is for voters to pass initiatives making it illegal for the state to keep money earned through fines. I really don’t care what they do with it. They could give it back to everyone at the end of every year as a tax rebate (I like that one-there’s no wiggle room). They could use it fund elections publicly. The could send it as aid to foreign countries. They can burn it on a street corner for all I care. What they should NEVER be allowed to do is to use it to fund public services.

Now, I am definitely NOT blaming government for this. They are doing the best they can with the limited resources we grudgingly give them. However, it is SO much easier to tell people that their taxes don’t have to go up in order to pay for the services they need, when they can just do something like this instead. Many good politicians who hate a system like this know full well that their job will be on the line if they take the stand that people should pay for the government they want. And, in many cases, that means they either support the status quo or walk away.

The worst part of all this is that the very nature of this cannibalistic system is so heinous that decent people should want no part of it. So what does that say about who it attracts? Our bullies? Our racists? Our violent sociopaths? Our opportunistic power mongers? This system is MADE for them. So why are we surprised by the larger number of such people doing this work?

We have to end it. We CAN end it. Sure, we’ll actually have to pay for the police then, but won’t it be nicer for everyone when neither them nor us have to dread every encounter?