Discussion: John Boehner On Resignation: 'It's A Wonderful Day'

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The ‘glug, glug, glug’ sound is implied.


He is throwing the elephant off his back.


It is…

They had a podium all set up for a press conference but Boehner slipped out of a back door.


So who becomes the sty ward now?

Its a wonderful day

Okay, it’s not WONDERFUL but hey, I don’t have to try and get the goofballs on board with anything!

he made his own bed with those teabaggers. I can’t feel even a little sorry for him.


I believe it. He’s probably made peace with his decision and realizes just what a relief it is that he’s not going to have to try to herd these idiot extremists towards some semblance of rational governance anymore.


I am sure it is a wonderful day for Mr. Boehner. And after yesterday, when the Pope touched his conscience, if not others, it is not surprising to me. I watched Boehner’s face during that speech yesterday, he knew that today he would do what his faith and his faith’s leader were asking of all of us - give up the fundamentalism and extremism and move to helping others and the planet. He knows he cannot in keeping with the standards set by the Pope for all of us continue to lead to a group of such fundamentalists as now make up this Congress. When we make decisions based on our faith and our deep-seated consciences, looking at our lives in support of the hatred of the current GOP, a person can only abandon those who fail to walk in a manner that the four Americans the Pope talked about as representative of true American values. I will watch to see if Mr. Boehner has learned from the Pope’s speech as he moves into private life, and that in so doing, can create wonderful days for others.

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Waiting for the back story…

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Good for him!

Boehner is grimacing internally, that he is free of all the BS with the crazy portion of his headless political party.


Say what you will about the Speaker but he did try to restrain the beast the GOP built. I think he saw an ice floe in his future and decided now is the time to bail.


Yup. He did it because it was good for him.


While visions of red wine and golf carts dance in his head. Cant wait to hear whose going to replace him…


It will be tonight. I am guessing Boehner goes on a huge bender tonight, what with a weekend and all.

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Don’t kid yourself. This had nothing to do with the Pope reaching his conscience. It was a pure political calculation.

He could let a shutdown happen, which would ultimately result in a clean CR passing and him being forced out.

Or he could announce his resignation and pass a clean CR and avoid a shutdown.

A shutdown would be very very bad for his party electoral hopes. Devastating, particularly because the end game would not achieve anything they are demanding. Even the goal being attempted is counter to the party’s electoral hopes. Defunding PP hurts the GOP…shutting down the government in hopes of defunding PP is infinitely worse.

So he did the math and decided to forgo the shutdown and resign instead. He will be setup with a cushy lobbyist job or some other form of corporate/republican welfare for taking this hit for the party.

The only down side for him is what we just saw. He has to go through the public humiliation now.


Huh? That’s pundit talk. The GOP have done very well after shutdowns. They rocked the joint in 2014…that after shutdowns. Shutdowns don’t hurt the GOP. Not what it’s become today. I think Boehner misses the good ole days.

Who could blame him. Finally gets to see the Pope and then can get away from the nutjobs in his party, pretty awesome week for Sir Orange.

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