Discussion: Joe Biden Super-PAC Runs TV Ad: 'Run, Joe'

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Nothing against Joe Biden in particular, because they all do it (“Look at that face” ad by Carly), but I detest that modern political campaign ads are aimed at the emotions rather than the intellect. The enhanced voice, the tug-at-heartstrings speech, the mood-inducing music in the background, the photos, all they tell me is that Joe Biden is first and foremost a family man. That doesn’t convince me to support him. I strongly suspect that with or without the tragedy, Biden would have eventually become VP anyway, based on his political acumen.


I for one hopes that Joe doesn’t run, but damnit if that ad doesn’t have me misty over here.


Hate to say this, but why do supporters of VP Biden keep using his family tragedies to promote VP Biden? Every time there is a family tragedy this means that VP Biden should use politics to get over it? The sympathy thing is starting to get old, at least to me. VP Biden has reasons to run, but the death of his son urging him to run is not one of them. VP Biden has many other reasons to run for POTUS, and an ad to showcase that would have been much better than using his personal tragedy to urge him to run for POTUS. Just my opinion.


The speech he gave here was before Beau died. But you’re right that supporters shouldn’t constantly lead with his tragedies. It shapes who he is, sure, but there are a lot of other traits to highlight.

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Yeah, I have to avoid it sometimes so I don’t get all misty too. I love me some Joe.


Its a horrible strategy, IMO. First off, its not an uplifting message of the future vision, which is what EVERY election is ultimately about. Its the exact opposite, a sad message about the past…his personal past.

Secondly, at some level, its unbelievably crass. They are attempting to use his personal tragedies as political tools, which has the effect of cheapening them, and creating the perception that Biden is an incredibly unfeeling, callous, politician…the exact OPPOSITE of the what they are trying to say.

When you combine this ad with the little blow up about him planting the story with Dowd concerning his conversation with his dying son, its a really, really bad message.

Its like the campaign they are planning will be “My wife and daughter died in a car wreck. My son died of brain cancer. My life has been painful, so vote for me, cause I deserve it”. There isn’t even a compelling story that “I took that pain and resolved myself to fight against unsafe driving conditions, or am leading the fight for research into brain cancer”…because he didn’t.

I really like Joe, and have for years. I hate to see him go out in a humiliating defeat. But going out in a humiliating defeat, running a campaign based on this?? Its horrific.

My wife’s step-mother lost a young infant son, an 18 year old daughter, and her second husband, my wife’s father, took his own life. All of that makes me very sympathetic to her. None of that would help her be a good president.