Discussion: Jeb Runs Ad Featuring George W. Bush During Super Bowl (VIDEO)

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Bush 43: “The first job of the president is to protect America.”

Says the guy who failed spectacularly – right out of the box on 9/11 – to do just that.

Are Republicans even capable of self-awareness?

(If I never see that insufferable doofus again – with his hideous, condescending drawl – it’ll be too soon.)


You f*ckwit. How dare you invoke the claim that anyone in your family can protect America? Go back to your bathtub and paint your toes.


Truly clueless


Most disturbing Super Bowl ad ever.


No. Especially in relation to this campaign. It’s truly almost as if they are TRYING to lose.


Trump thinks only weaklings advertise on the Superbowl? And he claims to be a businessman?

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Well, except for that puppy-monkey-baby horror.

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Buckle in tight, buddy. Assuming JEB goes on to NH, and all indications are that he will, we will be seeing LOTS of W. Both in ads and on the trail. Its been there plan for some months now.

Dubya: I have many accomplishments, some of which were mentioned by Jeb!:

  • I kept America safe.
  • All torture during my reign was perfectly legal as recommended by Justice Dept.
  • I created millions of jobs.
  • More Americans than ever had health coverage during my reign.
  • I followed the constitution and never spied on private citizens.
  • I never requested or deleted any official emails from many of the servers in my control.
  • I didnt divide the country between terrorist sympathizers and every one else.
  • I personally gave freedom to middle east so they could enjoy what they have there now.
  • etc

Also, there is nothing like White Privilege. I would be equally smart and go to Ivy league schools if my father was a rich black multi-millionaire.

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Who in God’s name thinks this is even remotely a winning idea?


Goodness. The “he kept us safe” shit. Bush didn’t protect the American people after 911. It just wasn’t necessary to attack us anymore after Bush mishandled it to the delight of those that wanted us harmed. Like Bonaparte said ( and bin Laden must have acknowledged ) never interrupt your enemy when he’s about to make a mistake. With Bush sending America into hopeless wars ( and bringing thousands of Americans right into bin Laden’s home kill zone ) why attack again? And he did not.


I know Jeb. I know his good heart and his strong backbone.

Didn’t W also look into Uncle Vlad’s eyes and see into his soul, and said that Vlad was, “a good man.” I think that puts paid to W as a judge of character.

I know people here don’t like politico…but its been great fun reading their “inside campaign” pieces on the GOP. Bush’s campaign in particular is just hilarious.

They had a conference call for Right to Rise over the weekend and after Murphy introduced himself to start off the call, someone yelled out “Oh, go f__ yourself”…after a long, very awkward pause, the guy apologized that he was in traffic and didn’t realize he didn’t have the phone on mute.

This sort of stuff is just priceless to me :smile:


Apparently exclamation point or his brain trust thinks it is. It could be the new spaghetti campaign strategy – throw stuff against the wall and see if anything sticks. Of course, that works better if you aren’t throwing stuff against a teflon wall.

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“WTF is he doing on my TV”! Was my first thought. My second thought, “wow, Jeb is the most desperate man on Earth”.


I know his good heart and his strong backbone.

Because the family had them removed, preserved, and displayed in the family mausoleum.

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The super PAC supporting former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s ® presidential campaign crowdsourced the funds …

Crowdsourcing? Really? Is that because they can’t get billionaires to stop laughing?

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All of which proves that the Bushes aren’t going away. Jeb is still out there. Be afraid, very afraid.

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