Discussion: Jeb Bush: GOP Will Miss Boehner 'In The Long Run' (VIDEO)

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Jeb!, the same lunatics who are voting for Trump and Carson are busy celebrating the demise of Boehner- and the problem is your own Party. Maybe its time to realize that you are vying to lead a racist, sexist, classist, anti-American group of people.


Heretic! They’ll burn him at the stake given the chance.

Jeb! just doesn’t do politics good, does he? When he doesn’t need to offend a part of America that heretofore hasn’t been in the crosshairs of the GOP, he blabbers about Asian anchor babies. Now, when there’s literally no advantage he can reap from defending a guy who’s so widely reviled by the GOP base and his colleagues in the House that he retires, Bush defends him.


He may well be right. If the ensuing turmoil in the Republican party costs them not only the presidency and the senate, but even the House, they will be wishing they still had Boehner to kick around.

“I will admit Speaker Boehner didn’t actually solve any problems but he did focus on them.”

But this long run is a misleading guide to current affairs. In the long run we are all dead. – J.M. Keynes.

For one of the best post-mortems of Boehner’s resignation that avoids sentimentality, see today’s column by Krugman:


Nah-he’s not worth the torch and kindling.

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No Jeb, it won’t be in the long run, the American public will finally have to take their blinders off, when the lunatics take over the asylum and with the election just a little more than year from now, the demise of the GOP is at hand.

Bush said a conservative President who could work with a conservative Congress would fix many of the problems Boehner has talked about.

Define “fix”.

His bubble is obviously completely sealed by now. How in the world can a GOP candidate go on a Sunday talk show and defend Boehner, after all the cheering that was shown at EVERY GOP event occurring on Friday at the news of his resignation??

At this point he isn’t just digging his own grave, he is digging a big one for all of the establishment candidates.

Jeb has been told (by someone) that he is a “statesman” and, therefore, subject to different rules