Discussion: Jeb Bush For President? Not So Fast

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Don’t forget Terri Schivo.


Jeb is delusional if he thinks he has a chance at becoming President. His brother saw to that.


It’s like the country asking for another dose of Bush cancer.


Jeb Bush Vs Hillary Clinton…big banks, monopolistic corporations and their CEO’s, hedge fund billionaires, and the defense industry establishment are dancing in the streets. No matter which one wins the election, the rich will get richer and the bottom 90% of Americans will get screwed!

There will be no reason for real Democrats - the working class, the poor, and basic common Americans to vote.


Just what the country needs: another silver spoon jerkwad rich boy who owes his allegiance to his clueless wealthy family and to corporations who don’t give a tinker’s dam about the people of the United States. If you can stand to watch, it might be interesting to watch this ass shuffle off to the far right’s tune the next couple of years, but the thought of another piece of Bush stink in the White House makes me ill.


Jeb Bush would be better off backing Ted Cruz and cozying up to the tea party for his son who will have a better chance of being POTUS someday.

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Oh, god! Something we might be able to actually thank W for. Never thought I’d see that day!


it’s unclear what Bush can do

You forgot thug tactics and cheating…

the main way Bush can attract attention is by continuing to scold his once-fellow-conservatives for insufficient realism.

The very future of the GOP depends on conservative candidates creating and validating the false realities the base demands with all its force of being. That means no room at the trough for weak kneed moderates like Jeb.

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Nonetheless there are differences.

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It’s really comical knowing that not one single Republican politician out of a huge array of these Republicans, all salivating at the chance to run , not one of them in America is popular with more than 20% of the likely voters at any one time, and less than 20% of all registered voters would vote for any one of them, either. Romney got so many votes only because, well, you know, the black guy brought the racists out of the woodwork, and nobody had gotten the pony they thought they were gonna get for voting for O in 2008.


Bush Vs Clinton 2016?
Fuck. Me.


Are you forgetting that someone on the Supreme Court is likely to die in the next 6 years?


He may not become president, but at least republican candidate ( as the least idiotic of the current line up).

If I recall correctly he at least appears to show some consistency in his viewpoints and not weathervaning depending on his forum (as, ahem, Mitt or Rand). Of course he is unpalatable to the Cruzers or Paulers, but ‘the silent majority’ may give him the chance (going Nixon here, I am afraid).

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And Hillary will make you feel how?

Let me see, oh, about a million times better. It’s off the charts.


JOHN ELLIS BUSH. Jeb is just a nickname.

Shoulda got mommy to tell bubba Duh not to run in the first place. And on education “reform”; let’s be clear, there was no call for such before desegregation of the South. Just as there was no home-schooling or rampant private church schooling in the South before desegregation.

Like RWNJ ideologues will not be appointed to the SCOTUS.
A SCOTUS which will impact our daily lives for the next 2-3 decades.

Any more less-than-sharp and incurious, but leading, questions?