Discussion: Jane Sanders: We're Going To Hold Clinton Accountable After Endorsing Her

Oh, great. Thanks for ‘helping.’


Honestly that is a pretty fair and reasonable thing to say. Which kind of shocks me. I’ll wait for the other shoe to drop?

I don’t read it that way. All politics are negotiations. If compromise or horse-trading is bad then you end up with, well, republican obstructionists.


How the hell does one explain to these people that they lost?


And we will hold (the Clinton campaign) accountable because we are endorsing her.

Please lay that out for us. Lawsuits? Impeachment? Breath-holding? Foot-stomping?


Jane, with your tenuous skillsets, you would be best off finding another small college to bankrupt.

Maybe you can give Donnie Drumpf some insight on that?


“We understand that we earned their support and their trust.”

Wait now. Whose trust did Jane and Bernie earn, exactly? I’d trust them better if they didn’t go out of their way to imply that their endorsement was a quid pro quo arrangement.


I have felt for some time that Jane is the reason Bernie stayed in longer than he should have. I think maybe she didn’t want to let it go more so than Bernie. Just my opinion…


What is it about Sanders et all that every time they take one step forward they turn around and take two steps back.


I suppose now we know who is fueling the aggrieved bib-dribbling outside the convention, as well as inside.

Top 3 things for Donna Brazile to do:

  1. never allow a non-Democrat to run as Democrat ever again.

  2. repeat step 1

  3. repeat step 2


No, its really not. Its the “non endorsement endorsement”, like the “non apology apology”. It serves to undermine everything her husband has at least publicly be trying to say and do this week, and it comes on the heels of President Obama giving a pretty hefty shout out to Bernie.

And sure enough, in typical sneering behavior, Jane drops this. Which, since she felt so free to go there, I will feel free to go there with this comment…is highly ironic coming from the princess that lied on loan applications that ultimately resulted in the collapse of the school she was President of…and walked away with a tidy little golden parachute.

Yeah…this is the person I want to hear lecturing me about accountability.

As a defense of the Sanders people? Really? Its cool now to compromise with the evil that is the Democratic Party? Or perhaps you meant that referring to the long history of legislative achievements Bernie has reached through all of his compromises.

And yes you do end up with obstructionists…like the DeadEndBerners that have been pouting this entire convention. Walking out because there are no unicorns dammit! They were promised unicorns!!!


Does Jane remotely understand that the American voter holds the POTUS accountable every four years?
It’s called an “election”.


The same way that you explain that without them we lose the general.


Really? She continues to forget that they lost. She, more than Bernie - in my oppinion, was more disruptive as it was obvious Bernie lost and now she continues to make threats. Let’s face it: it is not ok for that small group of Bernie people to continue to be disruptive. They lost, join in with the winning side or go home.


Look, she is under great stress, she still haven’t been able to get her tax returns ready, and they already missed the deadline they promised to do it in.


First of all what’s with this “we” stuff? Who the heck is Jane Sanders in any of this?

Second, I read yesterday that, when he returns to the Senate, Sanders will declare himself to be an Independent again, though will caucus with the D’s - thereby proving he is NO Democrat, never had any intent to work with the Democrats, and wanted only to take over a party for which he had held his nose in order to run in our primaries and from whom he hoped to get financial support. My question for him and for Jane - what have YOU done for us?


Whenever the camera went to Bernie, which happened pretty much every speaker who spoke maybe too glowingly about him and his “movement”, he often looked uncomfortable, like he couldn’t decide whether to be gracious for all the attention or grumpy for not winning or ashamed at the bad behavior of some of his delegates. Or maybe it’s just me projecting there.

But Jane, well, she always looked happy as a clam, excited even. I found it creepy to be honest.


Just when I was getting over the Bernie “Bern”, the “Bern” comes back, like a bad, irritating rash.


This is not a winner-take-all proposition. Sanders earned 1800 delegates.

These words are just a mild remonstrance on the one hand and a reassurance to the Sanders’ supporters that it will be safe to follow Bernie’s lead and VOTE for Hillary.

Let’s not get divisive now-we’re trying to bring it together.


Not to make too fine a point of it, but I am getting a bit tired of bending over for Bernie and his whiney supporters.