Discussion: Ivanka Trump Defends Paid Leave Plan For New Parents In Wall Street Journal

But Ivanka Trump says in a response that: “Providing a national guaranteed paid-leave program_with a reasonable time limit and benefit cap_isn’t an entitlement, it’s an investment in America’s working families.”

So is quality health care insurance, dearie…


For the sake of everyone’s sanity, it’s time to name Ivankatoinette ambassador to Papua New Guinea and let the Korowai know she’s very tasty.


Why do the various news outlets waste time on the muttering of this skank? Sad.

I guess Jr. and Ivanka gets to play with America, while the Old Man is in Europe ?

Yeah, Yeah. This is an “let them eat cake” statement from the clueless modern day Marie-Antoinette.

I’m totally sick of her.


reasonable time limit and benefit cap

Uh Huh.


One wonders if Ivanka’s position is sincere or merely damage control from her most recent (and history of) vacuous and stupid remarks.


seconded, can we expedite the process?

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Speaking about Ambassadors, what happened to Calista’s little job at the Vatican ? Did Donald forget about it ? What does Newt say ?

Financial disclosure forms. The dog seems to have eaten them.


Is there solid reason why her own company doesn’t offer this benefit now? Or, is she trying to use the argument that if the Federal gov’t. forced her to, she would.


Yes, because it would come out her own bottom line/pocket. She backs a plan “Providing a national guaranteed paid-leave program,", i.e., taxpayer funded not employer funded.

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She’s been appointed to the Holy See. However, some confusion probably arose when she showed up and was seized by the Vatican City State Building Service, which is responsible for the construction, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of buildings within Vatican City and other buildings with extraterritorial status. The Service also maintains the streets and gardens of Vatican City and is responsible for collecting refuse.

Her presence has obviously led to protracted internecine squabbles within the department as to whether she should be classified as a gargoyle or garbage.

{noting that I have no read WSJ op ed} It is not a horrible idea. The employers pay a large share but the fund is buttressed by the federal gov in hard times. Each state runs their own program, so I can see some issues with state by state variance. The big thing: any actual econ analysis if current program can afford funding? Maybe 3 months per child? 3 months is the “4th trimester” that docs encourage for baby-mom bonding.

Ok, still waits for the approval of Congress, I guess ?

Is she theologically challenged, Martin Luther was no Catholic, at least not in the end…

Ms Gingrich was born in Wisconsin, and attended Luther College in Iowa, which is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church. She studied music while at Luther, and still sings in the the choir of the Basilica of the National Shrine in Washington DC to this day.

Ivanka Trump has met with Democratic and Republican lawmakers on the issue.

Wait, I thought that Ivanka tries “to stay out of politics.” Has that changed?


Yes, darlin’, it IS an investment in our future. The problem is that you are a REPUBLICAN now…and this just won’t fly.

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Where can I sign the petition??

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