Discussion: Ivanka Trump Clothing Was Exported By Chinese Government-Owned Company



Dump brand: selling America out as cheaply as possible.

Remember Trump’s “Made in America” week? Ya, no one else does either. Pretty well embodies the definition of farce - but without any humor.

Can’t get other companies to do what your companies and your families companies won’t do.


Ivanka Trump’s brand said it was in the process of reviewing its supply chains with the help of “independent experts whose mission it is to advance human rights” and emphasized that all licensees, manufacturers, subcontractors and suppliers are required to abide by the law, as well as ethical practices set forth in a vendor code of conduct.

The AP asked to see the code of conduct, but the [Ivanka Trump] brand declined to share it.

This tells you all you need to know about Ivanka Trump’s concern for the human rights of any human not named Trump. IOW, “It’s none of my concern.”


In other news, the project in Jersey City for which Jared’s sister tried to bribe Chinese investors with offers of visas is foundering because the city has denied its request for tax breaks etc.

It’s clear that the Trump name is the source of value for both Daddy’s and Ivanka’s brands – no wonder they automatically assumed the presidency would be a huge financial windfall for them.

I hope an AP reporter asks Huckabee Sanders whether Ivanka’s company is prepared to reverse its policy on transparency.


The trumps are a disgusting bunch of bombs. What do they have to hide? Slimebags! It’s in their DNA.

Just saying their name makes me feel dirty and makes my skin crawl.


The Trump family is a criminal enterprise.

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I am shocked…shocked I tell ya.

Ivanka is barely scraping by, but a big corporate tax cut would enable her to start buying from US factories. Honest.

it shocked,but none of my concern .