Discussion: Israeli Strike On Crowded Market Kills 15, Wounds 150

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Either Israel is a US colony (which to some large degree culturally and economically it is – moreso than any other foreign location), in which case we should continue to support and fund them only on condition they follow our orders, or they’re not, in which case we should organize international sanctions against them just as we have with Russia.

How much of the current lack of ethics on the part of Israel is due to the large Russian population there? The murderous nationalism in both countries has a nearly identical profile. By most accounts the Russian Israelis are almost entirely hardliners. Do they swing the vote there?


More “peacemaking”.


Is this real life?


Sad that I am able to copy/paste my comment from only 3hrs ago that totally applies, but…

Still waiting (~35 years now) for a clear moral defense of this fcuked up BS, not just hairsplitting legalese justifications.


Israel is going to do what it needs to do to stop the rocket attacks from Hamas.

Yeah, those kids at the school yesterday, and shopping moms today, will never fire fire another rocket into Israel now…


I’ll say it again…Israel is canned hunting in Gaza.


And then a whole lot more, just to prove the point.

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Yes, blowing up women and children will surely bring less extremism.




“Israeli Strike On Crowded Market Kills 15, Wounds 150”

Nicely done, IDF. Now THAT’S how you get the other side to the negotiating table! /s


By killing civilians. Clearly Hamas ordered those shoppers to martyr themselves.


"Israel has completely reduced to rubble some 5,000 homes and damaged 26,000. If you figure that Palestinians in Gaza live on average 5 in a dwelling, there would be roughly 340,000 domiciles in Gaza. Israel has therefore destroyed or damaged about ten percent of the housing stock. This is on top of past campaigns of indiscriminate and wanton bombing campaigns. Since Israel keeps Gaza under blockade, it won’t receive the necessary materials to rebuild. The Israelis, having bald-facedly stolen the homes and farms of the people of Gaza, won’t be satisfied until they are forced to sleep in open fields.

Israel has forced some 200,000 Palestinians to flee their homes. But since the Gaza Strip is so small, they have no place to go. Israel won’t let them leave the Strip, but is intensively bombarding it. Some of the places they have taken shelter, including schools and UN refugee shelters, have themselves been bombed by the Israelis."

-Juan Cole


The difference between Hamas and Likud is the means of killing at their disposal.


Slaughter,plain and simple.


If anything WE ARE A COLONY OF ISRAEL. They call the shots, they say ‘jump’, we say ‘how high?’. If we get out of line, Israel slaps us around and tells us to like it. If we protest their genocidal behavior, they again slap us and tell us ‘you ain’t seen nothin, you understand?’. We say ‘yes sir, sorry sir’.


America must atone for enabling and protecting this disgraceful slaughter.

The only way to do so is to start granting asylum to the vast majority of Palestinians who are not terrorists.


As a liberal I find it very interesting when it comes to Israel and the Middle East, the left is not different then the right. Its a two way street here and both sides are blaming solely the other side. They both have simple solutions to complex issues which causes more problems and solves absolutely nothing. When you only blame one side in this you miss the big picture. By the way, this morning on Morning Joe, Mika was interviewing the Israeli Ambassador to the US. Her questioning of the Ambassador was one of dought what his response was and when she was signing off her comment was will be coming back to Morning Jew I mean Joe in just to few minutes. I’m sorry, no comment was made no coverage from TPM or politico like they do. And no response from Mika. How unfortunate.

" Q: What do you think prevents the presidents of the nations of the world from stopping wars and deciding that the priority is to let the young people realize their dreams of peace?

A: You know, one thing that separates us from monkeys and squirrels and cockroaches is the ability to reason. But if we don’t use it, then we have nothing to be proud of, at that point.I completely agree that war should not even be an option. Talk it out; settle your differences.

To kill another person for your reason cannot be accepted—not in this day and age or ever.

Who gets killed when wars happen? The innocent get killed, not the perpetrators.It is the children who suffer—the little children who will never know their father. They will grow up with hatred in their heart. Where there should be peace, where there should be enjoyment, where there should be love, they will have hatred towards the country that killed their father. How sad is that?

Like you, people everywhere want peace. Everywhere! Peace is not an idea or a dream that started yesterday. The idea of peace has been there as long as there have been human beings.

I truly believe that there was an idea of peace even before documented history. This was important to people.Unfortunately, as a young person in this world, you will carry the burden of this huge river that is starting to flow around the world, for making peace a reality. I really hope that your efforts perpetuate it and that, one day, the people of this world be able to experience peace in their lives."

The link to this Q & A is here: http://www.wopg.org/en/whats-h


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