Discussion: Irma's Punch Felt Across Georgia As Coastal Homes Flood, Flights Cancelled

And now Jose is forecast to head toward the US east coast

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Thank heavens for Donnie’s Border Wall. It’ll keep Jose out, right?


Sorry Georgia. We feel for ya here in the Houston area.

Well, looks like the floating humanitarian aid platforms are kicking in again. Abraham Lincoln and two of her support ships (Farragut and San Jacinto) are linking up with a pair of amphibious operations ships (Iwo Jima and New York) and heading to the keys.

All five ships have at least the ability to conduct aerial search and rescue, and get people out of the keys. The New York and Iwo Jima have full-on well decks, which means they can bring anyone who needs to get to safety straight in on boats, and Iwo Jima’s a launch platform the size of a World War II aircraft carrier, mostly dedicated to helicopters. Moving these assets down to the keys means they’re also close enough to shift over to the Virgin Islands and other points east once Jose clears (in addition to the Marines already staging in St. Thomas to assist with aid efforts down there).

Don’t listen to the nutjobs. This is why we have these things.

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My sister and her family in Jacksonville (only a couple of miles from the coast) got by with no damage to the house (amazingly, not even a single rip in their lanai), some flooding at the back of the yard where a creek runs, and trees damaged. No electricity at the moment, but family and pets all well and safe.

So, now Jose is on its way. Hope they’re as lucky with the second round.

Hope our Florida-based TPMers are all okay…

Good news. Thanks.