Discussion: Iraq's Top Cleric Calls For Deal On PM By Tuesday

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Would it not be ironic if Iran proves to be the key in resolving the ethnic divide in Iraq?

could be - and that is why we always want a President who believes in exhaustive diplomacy as our first course of action

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“Did Obama botch the endgame in Iraq?
By David Gergen, CNN Senior Political Analyst and Daniel Katz

Sorry, Mr Gergen but the end game in Ieaq was set up by Bush when he negotiated the withdrawal of troops which occurred in 2011. Seems to me the “end game” as you call it was also up to al Malaki and he blew it with his policies that excluded sunnis and Kurds from his government and most other areas of power in the country. This is a GOP albatross.


Sunnis and hate each other. Iran is Shia and I doubt they’ll cotton to ISIS which is Sunni. These factions of Islam have been at loggerheads since the beginning of the religion.

Also on looking at the image of Ali Sistani in the article it strikes me how much he looks like Ayatollah Kohmeini. He sure does not look like a happy guy.

That has certainly been the historical reality, and sounds like a formidable obstacle.

That having been acknowledged, this initiative seems to include hints that suggest, at least, that Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, who appears to command a considerable following in Iraq, is willing to press for a more inclusive political structure, which Al-Maliki has appeared to not only resist but counter with policies which are oppressive towards Sunnis.

It is al-Sistani’s initiative which seems to me to hold the most current promise. It can certainly be sabotaged by others if they choose, but it remains to be seen whether it is the breakthrough which is so sorely needed here.


It might work if the Iranians are reasonable and can make al Malaki see reason as well. The Iranians, as much as they hate Sunnis know they must live with them if they wanna go on the Hajj since it’s the Saudis (Sunni-Wahabis) who control Mecca. And today is the 1st day of Ramadan and the Hajj is close.

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