Discussion: Inside Trump’s Weird Meeting With Clarence Thomas’ Wife

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He doesn’t pay attention to 2s.


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WIA military personnel targets of the program?
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Something out of a movie?
The hole is deep.

Admit it. The only people who still support you are even crazier than you are, or are from troll farms in St. Petersburg. Melania was right, you never meant to get elected, so why go through with it?


I don’t think it is appropriate to be having meeting with wives of Supreme Court Justices.


Clarence Thomas should be impeached over this. This is 86 different kinds of wrong, starting with the Separation of Powers.

And yes I think he should be impeached for something she did. He’s married to her and it’s a farce to pretend there is some kind of Chinese Wall between them.

*Chinese Wall is actually an old legal term -


A President meeting with the spouse of a SC Justice on a political issue is unethical and inappropriate.


Trump to Ginni, “What is this on my Diet Coke can?”


Speaking of Ginni …

I’m still waiting to read about avid RVers Clarence Thomas and John Boehner meeting up out on the open road … at 75 mph … head on.


Ha! How fitting.

President Donald Trump took an unusual meeting for the top executive last week,

Meeting of the mindless.


They don’t want women serving in the military?? I didn’t even know we were fighting about that. What’s next? Separate water fountains?

I wish Ginni would speak as often as her husband does on the bench.




I dont know if people remember this, but the proximate cause of Andrew Brietbart setting up the Twitter hack and publish of Anthony Wiener’s sexual proclivities was Wiener’s very public campaign over Clarence Thomas’ failure to disclose, as a conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest, Ginni Thomas’ work and political advocacy. This would have required disclosure on dozens if not hundreds of cases on which Thomas had sat.

Also, people probably forget that during the Anita Hill extension to the Thomas Confirmation Hearings (in which Joe Biden permanently disgraced and disqualified himself from ever receiving my vote), a local newspaper (not the WaPo) sent a reporter to the Video Store nearest the Thomas’ home. The reporter was given a copy of their Video Rental records, and to say the least, Long Dong Silver was the prevailing type of selection. Orrin Hatch went apoplectic and I wish he had died right then. But before the week had passed, the US House and Senate had passed a bill making it illegal to divulge Video Rental Records. So much for the claimed pious religiosity of the Thomas couple. I know. It is small minded and vindictive of me.


No it is not small minded nor is it vindictive.

The one branch of government that I have personally held to the highest standard, is the Judicial Branch, for pretty obvious reasons - that is the branch that imposes the law on all of the rest of us. So I expect impeccable behavior from judges and particularly Supreme Court Justices. So these things matter - all of them.

Clarence Thomas is a travesty and I agree about Joe Biden. (plus he’s been too handsy with the women over the years - it will come back to haunt him if he does try to run.)


It’s well known that Ginni Thomas has gone full wingnut. Totally over the top. The only oddity here is how it is reported that Trump was flummoxed by the display. Well it seem odd at first but we all assume this is how everyone around him talks and acts. It should be understood that those people may agree with the general sentiments and are enthusiastic about turbocharging those ideas and emotions among the little people, it isn’t however they talk or maybe even think.

Per usual with such things it is fueled by cascading waves of resentment, which is Clarence’s stock and trade.


Is that supposed to mean something to real people? Or even to 4 Chan loons?

Translation please.


That’s his normal state of being.


Someone on this board yesterday made reference to the 5 GOP political operatives confirmed as SCOTUS Justices by the Reagan-GHWB-W-Trump Admins.

@rapier- people like Trump are probably used to being the most over the top person in the room at any given time. Trump probably is also accustomed to sycophant deference, his entire fucking life.

I was wondering if Ginni is how Trump keeps tabs on RBG’s health. But it looks like Trump does not need a back channel, especially now that we have Kavanaugh on the bench. How I hate that sonofabitch. Deep, multi layered hatred. Hatred that includes his brandishment of Father Pedro Arrupe’s words in his foul fucking mouth to serve his ruthless ambition and mask his lack of culture, spirituality or depth. Did I mention I hate that sonofabitch?


Your guess is as good as mine – but the thing I love about QAnon people is whenever something bad happens with the Russia investigation, they’re like “Just wait…” because their grand theory is that they are going to surprise everyone else and unveil a thousand indictments against the Clinton campaign.


This is why we have got to add justices to the SCOTUS to balance those motherfuckers out because the GOP has damn near ruined the courts just like everything else. They didn’t put conservatives into office because they are not conservatives. They are extremists and operatives and nasty pieces of work.

I hates them too. I had such respect for that court and they made as much of an obscenity of it as they could, just like they did the Presidency.


I’m sure many of you remember the brouhaha about the spouse of a candidate meeting with the then-attorney general on the tarmac for a few minutes. No one ever proved the claims from the right that it showed collaboration between the Clinton campaign and the WH to get Clinton elected.
Would someone please explain to me why that was scandalous and improper while this meeting between the sitting president and the nut job wife of a sitting justice specifically to discuss political issues was fine and dandy? Unbelievable!
Except it’s Trump and no unethical conduct is now unbelievable.