Discussion: Ingraham Hears From People Who Work Away From Family, Criticize Rep. Ryan

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Yeah…it was a fluff demand aimed only at polishing a political story about what a great family guy Ryan is.

If he does end up being Speaker, he is going to end up taking a lot of flack for it, both in the PR arena (the guy who is against paid family leave during a sickness or pregnancy, demands it for himself every weekend?) and in the practical arena. The GOP without a Speaker fundraising is a weaker GOP…particularly in the House.

So whenever people want to pin the blame on President Obama for the dysfunction in Washington, I’ll point to things like this as evidence A. The Freedom Caucus and their supporters can’t even agree with their Golden Boy, Rock Star, dyed in the wool Conservative, Paul Ryan! That’s really astounding if you think about it. It’s impossible to get these guys to say yes to any deal unless it’s 100% skewed in their direction. Simply not how the real world operates.

Well YEAH…because we all know the GOP only uses ‘family values’ (as well as the military) as a prop…but when the rubber meets the road they are thrown under the bus.

I saw this sort of criticism coming when reading his family time demand. I have a mixed feeling.

On the one hand, and in more general terms, I think this “I suffer therefore you should suffer too” mentality expressed by those guests has been so strong an obstacle to making reasonable policy changes to reduce such suffering in the first place.

On the other, in this particular case, this family demand comes from a guy who doesn’t give a damn to families other than his own and has opposed everything that could help people have more family time. Therefore, he deserves to be bashed by his kindred spirits who don’t give a damn to his family.

My fear is this is yet another episode that only reinforces the “I suffer therefore…” way of thinking.

and you would think the dems could use that particular piece of info…but this is the dems party not known for going after those who want to bring this country with facts

If Congressmen had a reputation for being the hardest working people in Washington, I would have more sympathy for Ryan’s position.

I don’t think it matters because I don’t think he will get the support needed from his side of the aisle and I can’t imagine anyone supporting him on the Dem side.

I think we’d be better off with a complete jackass choice (lots of options) willing to destroy the village to save it who will so piss off the country that it hurts them in the general.

This is such a Republican attitude. “You get more than I do, so you should get less.” Instead of, “you get more than I do so I want more.” Every time they make this argument another billionaire dries his tears of laughter with hundred dollar bills. They’re only too happy to cut your pay again so no one gets more than anyone else.