Discussion: Indiana State Police's Voter Fraud Probe Spans 9 Counties

This sounds very much like one of the ruses Rethugliklans use to “prove” voter fraud is an issue — by committing it!


It may well be one sided… but no one’s coughing up details on that yet —


My first thought as well.

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Since nearly all of the subatomic amounts of “voter fraud” is perpetuated by Republicans, I’m going to strongly suspect this is a rat fucking operation.


If you were going to do voter fraud, organized (good luck with that) or otherwise, you wouldn’t do it in a blood red state like Indiana. You’d do it in a purple state where it might actually affect the result. This is obviously a fishing expedition/smokescreen operation to gin up the crazies about how those people are doing the voter fraud with the cyber in Kenya.


Typical republican dirty tricks. The same as it always was.

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Please keep in mind that registration fraud, which they’re investigating, is different from voting fraud. TPM really ought to rewrite that headline.

Registration fraud can be anything from signing as Mickey Mouse to registering your dog. That’s stupid and relatively harmless, and only rises above that if the person goes to the polls to cast a vote.

It can also mean failing to turn in legitimate registrations for people who are expecting to be able to vote, in which case it ought to be treated as voting fraud, with all the attendant penalties. That’s why every registration project I’ve ever been part of gave out receipts to show at the polls and telephone numbers for people to call if they had trouble voting.

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