Discussion: Indiana Gov. Pence Says He Won't Block State Aid To Syrian Refugees

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His suits fit him well for being such a small man.


Really?? ‘I have it in my power…dammit!’ OK Mikey…

Trump: This is wrong and dangerous for our nation. Its imperative that all republican governors immediately stop providing all support to any non white refugee (naturally assumed muslim terrorists or mexican rapists).

Cruz: I urge nice people of Indiana to take up arms as clearly your governor is aiding and abetting terrorists.


Carson: Show them how we stored corn in the Alamo. Look, a cat!


Won’t? How about can’t. This piece of shit would if he could.


Indiana Gov. Pence Says He Won’t Block State Aid To Syrian Refugees

Well doesn’t that make me feel all warm and fuzzy!

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LOL…Ok, now you are just picking on poor ol’ Ben.

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Yes. I’d try to be ashamed, but I’m totally not. :slight_smile:


And he actually thought about running for President chuckles

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Just one very small step away from Trump.

Pence has been the goat so often this year he’s starting to produce milk and cheese…

“There are two reasons why I will not:”

  1. No matter how I spin it I look like the mean bully I am.
  2. Legally, I can’t.

Pence, who was raised Irish Catholic before becoming a born-again Christian in college.

It was at the moment he found Jesus that he lost his christianity.

To quote Chris Farley’s Matt Foley character…‘Well la tee frickin’ da pop"…or more to the point…“why don’t you shut your big yapper Mike”…

The cheese will be served with a fine whine no doubt.

Com’on wingnuts… eeeer Christian Constitutional Patriots , aren’t you going to recall this traitor?


Ahhhh; back-pedaling Mike strikes again! Next up, "Pence back pedals on the Religious Freedom bill pending before the State Legislature. My Republican b-i-l and my sister, former supporters of Mike cannot wait to vote against him if he runs again.

I assume it’s because he found out that being an Evangelical shitbag was more helpful to a political career than being a Catholic.