Discussion: Indiana Boy, 4, Dead After Gun Accidentally Goes Off At Home

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What awesome parents. Everyone knows kids can’t climb. And my daughter certainly wasn’t getting into the kitchen cabinets by dragging over a chair by the time she was three so she could get a cereal bowl.

And once again, TPM sticks with their passive voice. “where it fired and shot him in the head”

I think it would be more correct to say the boy was murdered by the adult(s) responsible for leaving a loaded gun where he could reasonably expected to find it. Negligent homicide, rather than intentional, but homicide nonetheless.


2nd Amendment my ass. These clowns are just careless.

Which State on TPM Has the Most Careless Gun Owners?

Pennsylvania - 8
Texas - 7
South Carollina - 5
Florida -4
California/ Michigan/ Ohio/ Indiana - 3 (tied)

Four year old on Saturday. Six year old on Sunday. Parents maybe think the little tykes don’t have eyes to see where the interesting things are stashed. When a kid OD’s on a parent’s heroin the police don’t shrug it off as an accident. But a gun is somehow different???

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Because guns are fucking magical.

gun deaths like this will never end in America.

the gun lobby has a stranglehold on any legislation that might make a diff

Sandyhook proved to all of us there is nothing we can do.

i wish i was wrong

That’s copied directly from the source, so you can’t really blame it on TPM. But anyone who keeps a loaded and cocked handgun unsecured in a house with a 4-year-old (not to mention his 5-year-old sister) is just plain stupid.