Discussion: In VP Debate, Pence Gets Tasked With Cleaning Up For Trump

That is all his surrogates do is walk around with a pooper scooper and clean up after the feral, untrained slob all day long. Pence better watch it. That shit stink will be hard to wash off after Trump loses.


All they want is the train to glory. Once they get there, tRump be damned, they’ll be dug in.


Seems like Pence also has a lot of shit he’s done that will make good baggage to hang on him.


It was Pence, a mild-mannered Midwesterner with strong conservative credentials

That deserves an eye roll.


With Pence hitching his wagon to tRump’s star I hope they both fall into oblivion after we swear in Madam President.


I thought we weren’t suppose to support the low energy ones?

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has stood in as Kaine in the prep sessions.

One of these things is not like the other.


Pence has the droning demeanor of an undertaker …

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My prediction: Kaine clobbers him. Pence can’t hang with a Jesuit-trained liberation theologian. That & oppo-research clean Pence’s clock.


The entire debate should have one overriding theme for Kaine:

“Trump said or did X. Own it or disavow it, champ. Choose.”

He should be beating Pence like a rented mule with that catch-22 the entire time.


Pence is a flat-footed reader of the basic failed conservative talking points and nothing more. He cannot explain why conservative ideas always fail except to claim that the facts are wrong. America can be stubborn, but most people see that trickle-down economics is a bust, we do need some sort of hedge against rapacious for-profit healthcare, and that marriage equality is a Constitutional right for every American.

Added to the raging grease fire that is Donald Trump, and against the sunny and positive Kaine, Pence is going to have to appear as a far more talented politician, and orator than he’s ever been in his career, and that is just not going to happen!


EXACTLY - For every second of the debate make Pence look like he is wearing a sign that says
“I am a Trump puppet - even my bodily functions will be in accord with the Donald’s wishes”

  • because Pence is going to try to appear as though he is running a campaign for Deputy President.

There are not enough shovels or containers for the Trump defecation pile!! Pence fail!!

Hi, Im Kelly Ann Conway and im running for the office of Vice President of the United States…Sure hope Kaine plays this up…

Pence is extremely dull. I’ve never seen him make a convincing point, strongly, although he tries. His best bet will be to smile, speak softly and in platitudes, while not getting ruffled. I don’t see any chance of him “winning” the debate, but I can see him doing well enough to not harm Trump.

Too large of a task for clueless Pence to do in an hour and the “conservatice values hoax” is not the right tool to clean up Trump’s mess.

Wonder if Pence is having 2nd, 3rd, 4th thoughts about agreeing to run …

Pence might match up well against Tim Calhoun

I hope that Pence tries the “Well, I’ll act as a counterbalance to Trump” line, so that we can have ads pointing out that even his running mate thinks he’s a dangerous loon.

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