Discussion: In Gaza Lull, Residents Return To Destroyed Areas

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Humiliating an occupied people (who have absolutely no opportunity) is a really bad way to prevent extremism. Blowing up their children probably isn’t such a great idea, either (particularly those seeking shelter at a UN facility – 4 of which were hit on 4 consecutive days).

But Israel will never understand this until our country stops fully-protecting them from their own bad behavior.


Oh, and guess who gets to pay for the reconstruction? We do!

We paid for the destruction of Gaza, and we will pay for the reconstruction of Gaza. We are treated like shit by the Israeli regime and, at the same time, we’ll be blamed by the Palestinians for backing Israel.

This is fucking insane.

That will show em’.

Hamas who’s boss now and may never execute the recent lean into PA’s accord.

Don’t fuck with Netanyahu by GOD. He’s a warrior, just like his idol Sharon, leaving room for yet another (third) generation of implacable jihaddis to nurture (fester) in the fever swamp of the worlds largest open air prison camp.

Goal accomplished, no Palestinian governance need apply as long as shrift is prioritized to US dominionists and Hasidim.

Obama could stop the Israeli barbaric attack on Gaza in a second if he would impose sanctions on Israel like he did on Russia. But he won’t do it because it doesn’t fit America’s master plan for policing the world.

Why are my tax dollars going to an apartheid state?

Hasidim are generally non-Zionist and in some cases anti-Zionist. But don’t let facts stop you, you’re on a roll!

I don’t know–do you live in some sort of alternate reality where the US is supporting 1980’s South Africa?

Bullshit, Likud is Hasidim. Get your ass from 'round your neck.