Discussion: Hundreds Protest Deadly Police Shooting In Washington State

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Citizens of Ferguson, Pasco, cities and rural areas around the nation where police abuse their powers, it is time to get off your duffs, stop carrying signs and get to the voting booth.
These police represent the powers of the elected officials in your area. If those elected officials dont feel they have to respond to you, they wont.
If they know you hold the key to their election, they will.
Get off you duffs, register, vote and change the elected leadership; put new people in power, people who represent you.


It’s hard to imagine the police who did this will get off until you think about Eric Gardner and Michael Brown and hundreds of other victims.

Seems like we have brought the violence back from Iraq and Afghanistan and before that Vietnam to the streets of America. Innocent people being gunned down. This is some sort of power trip brought on by having a gun strapped to your hip. Murder is murder except when the military or local police murder unarmed civilians. It seems we are going insane.

Actually, I’m thinking this is closer to Amadou Dialo who was fired on 41 times for the crime of having hands. As I remember the video of this there were about 9-11 shots for throwing rocks while in retreat.

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself:~~~~~FDR

and the GOP has put fear into the hearts of their countrymen…

and used it as a WMD.

R U sure even voting has the least effect? For most of the last century, state and local LE in many many cases has been given or has secured for itself charter status beyond the reach of state governance. The idea was that nice compliant law abiding citizens with nothing to hide wanted their LE beyond political corruption.

It appears not to have occurred to voters and state pols that state-chartered LE might conflate their authority with the institution of law and order. Oh well!

I am certainly not a blanket supporter of the police. I believe that many are racist, many are bullies and many that were in the Reserves have come back from the Middle East with PTSD and a combat mentality that makes them dangerous. That said, everytime a provatuer is shot and or killed, we can’t blame the officer. Being a policeman is a tough job and knowing what some unpredictable guy with bizarre behavior will do next is nearly impossible. I would like to see more non-lethal responses, but when you create a situation going after the public, refuse commands to cease and submit, you just might get shot. You don’t want to get shot, then behave like a responsible citizen.

Important to know! Simply refraining from throwing one or more rocks at LE representatives can lead to a material reduction of gratuitous lethal gunshots into one’s own person by between approximately 22 per cent and approximately 27 per cent … although, the available detail is unclear on whether that range encompasses explosive or shatter-on-impact ordnance.

I get it! You’re saying that since there are a whole bunch of LEOs suffering from mental disorders and dangerous psychological defects, stay as far away as you can from contact with those whacked-out MOFOs; go live in a cave or a hole in a tree or something, just stay out of the way of those gun-totin’ yahoos.


It was “just a rock”? Maybe the proestors should reread the tale of David and Goliath.

Neither the penalty you mention nor the procedure for determining guilt and enforcing the penalty come from our legal codes.

If we are failing to train (and screen) our police adequately, the solution is not to retrain civilians to avoid pushing the buttons of some unpredictable guy with bizarre behavior and a badge.

This sounded interesting, though I haven’t read more about it and don’t know how accurate the description is:

I first met Lew Hicks 13 years ago, when he was part of the most rigorous and creative police-training program ever attempted in the U.S. It was called the Police Corps, and it was founded by Adam Walinsky, a crusty and contentious former Marine and aide to Robert F. Kennedy. After the Detroit riots in 1967–43 civilians were killed and hundreds injured–Walinsky spent the next 20 years studying police practices, from the pavement up.

Maybe another reader knows something about it.

Maybe cities where there are issues with police shooting should ban all officers from carrying their service weapon.

Actually, I think it should be made VERY clear to the Pasco City Council that ANY future arrests made by the officer or officers involved in this will not get a conviction until he or she is fired. Not suspended, not transferred to desk duty, not allowed to resign. Fired. PUBLICLY.

Not even close. Dialo was doing SQUAT when he was shot. While from what we see so far this shooting was not justified, this guy was throwing large rocks at cars in a busy intersection, and then threw them at cops when they arrvived. No, I’m not even suggesting the shooting was justified, but to equate this guy with Amadou Dialo, who did NOTHING, is not even close to accurate.