Discussion: Hugh Hewitt: GOP Must Dump Trump Or ‘Get Killed’ In Election

It is way too late, Hugh. The GOP and trump are toast.


It’s like ignoring stage-four cancer. You can’t do it, you gotta go attack it

Better idea: make your peace and go wander into the woods. Never to be seen or heard from again.


Hugh Hewitt? He’s a character from the Colbert Report, right?


From your mouth to the voters’ ears.


Trump can’t appeal to groups he has insulted and denigrated repeatedly and expect instant forgiveness.


Attempt all of the makeovers you want, it doesn’t erase the last week – or several months. We’ve seen exactly who Trump is. Petty. Revenge-driven. Racist. Sexist. And the entire Trump U fiasco has cemented the realization that he’s – above all – a con artist. There’s no putting that ugly genie back in the bottle. He’s your nominee. He’s your repeatedly endorsed by sitting senators, congresspeople, party leaders nominee.

As my grandmother used to say: You lay down with dogs, you get fleas.

(Sorry dogs. Don’t mean to denigrate you by using this metaphor for Trump.)


“It’s like ignoring stage-four cancer. You can’t do it, you gotta go attack it,” Hewitt said on his show Wednesday. “And right now the Republican Party is facing—the plane is headed towards the mountain after the last 72 hours.”

Block that metaphor!


If you are explaining why you have to dump the candidate who won the GOP primary in a landslide to win the general, you are losing.


Here’s the thing about the gop needs to change…exactly how does a racist become nor racist and if he did that who would buy it? Even he manages to do a 360 the hateful things he said are still out there


Watching these guys who have been consistently wrong about everything for a year lecture the GOP on what they need to do to win will never stop being hilarious.


I’ve been amazed no one has yet mentioned Thomas Eagleton’s withdrawal. Is it too sensitive a subject, HIPPA protected? Clearly, Trump ain’t going and clearly he’s insane…Code Red.


The Republican slobbering masses have spoken! They want a racist, sexist, xenophobic, sociopath as their nominee! Get behind him or the zombie masses will rip the flesh from your bones and eat your brain! I’ve seen it happen and it ain’t pretty!


Trump has no desire or understanding about how to appeal to other groups and grow the tent. His approach has always been, “Look at me, see how great I am! If you don’t, then you are a fucking loser and get the hell out of here”

He has offered up precisely zero concessions to anyone; no policy statements, no change in tone…nothing. And he isn’t going to offer any,either.

I said a long time back, that Trump views winning the nomination like a signed financial deal…he thinks its over and he can say or do whatever he wants,and rest of the GOP is contractually obligated to not only vote for him, but to enthusiastically support him. And anybody that doesn’t is going to be attacked.

There are lots of problems with that approach, but perhaps the most relevant one, is Trump is going to spend weeks of the General campaign attacking fellow republicans and friendly media sources. And all of that is just really ugly dressing for the pathetic rotting corpse underneath…Trump’s campaign is in a dismal state, with vicious in fighting, laughable size, and no plans or ability to build the necessary ground game organization that will be required to compete with Hillary this fall. And he will spend significant time attacking and driving away the very people he is dependent upon to build a ground organization.


Oh, Hughie! Even after all of these years of being totally wrong, just like your compatriot Bill Kristolmeth, you still don’t have a fucking clue, do you?
The GOP does not own Donald Trump; Donald Trump owns the GOP - lock, stock, and 55-gallon barrels of racism and stupidity.
Donald Trump and his bloodthirsty, bigoted Teabagger base are going to tell the GOP to go fuck themselves if they dump Trump. These are the people, remember, who believe in such things as magical birth certificates and FEMA trailers and Kenyan Muslim Socialist Usurpers and Jade Helm and faked moon landings and Benghazi and EMAILS!!! and on and on and on. And it is YOUR wonderful party, Mr. Hewitt, the party of racists, misogynists, homophobes, anti-intellectuals, and religious bigots that has fomented and encouraged this group of political miscreants, and I hope they fucking choke on the results of their endeavor.


Mr. Hewitt. The GOP is going to get killed in the election no matter what, The damage with minority voters is already done. If you are of chinese or indian background and even if Trump hasn’t attacked you directly, you have seen GOP voter happily cheering Trump when he attacked other minorities, and you sense that the problem it’s the GOP voters, bot Trump, taking him off the ticket will not change that perception.,


I have to admit I’m addicted to the news right now seeing all the GOPers start to abandon him. I almost think he “peaked” too soon and that they will try to get someone else on the ballot. Not that it will matter because the public will just see chaos.


Oh Hewitt! Silly sap. Trump’s going nowhere and neither is any ‘dump Trump’ movement… and the fact that he’s said out loud what the dog whistlers of the GOP have been saying among themselves for decades is now out in the open, out there for all to see and hear.
You ‘principled’ cons are still cons and your just being led now by King Conman Trump.
His agenda has simply made yours apparent:

Women should be seen and not heard…and stay in the kitchen.
Those terrifying ghayz’ should go back into the closet and stay there.
The levers of government and social structures should be dominated by white men.
Anyone who isn’t a white male is suspect and is not to be trusted.


It all boils down to the same sh*t the GOP has stood for for decades now: This country is a country for Angry White Christian Men to control and dominate. And I’m glad to break it to you that your day is over. It’s never going to be the country of the 40’s and 50’s again, an imaginary land where all was bent to serve the white male-dominated power structured from coast to coast. Get over it and embrace Trump. You and your ilk made him. He’s your creation.


Exactly. Trump is the GOP standard bearer because the GOP base is made up of misogynistic white supremacist and Birther conspiratorialists who reflect the candidate they voted for.


A day late and a dollar short, Hugh.