Discussion: HuffPo: Trump Campaign Hiked Rent On NYC HQ Once Began Taking Donations


I think paying his manicurist $27,000 to trim his nails is a bit beyond the pale.


I’m sure all the trailer park folk supporting Drumpf are fine with this, after all it’s their money…


Trump: I hate these laws where everyone can see my dirty laundry.


In my line of work we call this undue enrichment.


This isn’t surprising. Trump has been doing this kind of crap for some time now. He’s been funneling a lot of his campaign money into his own businesses. Apparently, he won’t stay anywhere where there isn’t one of his properties to shovel money into.


Trump’s most recent FEC reports indicate that he has also continued to funnel campaign funds back into his own businesses, including his golf courses, hotels, and restaurants.

Hence the term, “Scampaign.” Carson was on the campaign trail to sell a book and create a mailing list and, before that, Gingrich was there to sell his book.

Who would give Rump a dime as a contribution and why???


Self-dealing and self-serving Don the Con…I always thought he was cutting and shuffling from the bottom of the deck. Now we know.


Umm… because he’s going to make America GREAT again!?! Have you NOT been paying attention?


Which begs the question on how is he expected to do minority outreach if minorities don’t live anywhere near his properties?


This really shouldn’t be a surprise — this is the guy who said he could make money running a campaign. And he’s holding to his assertion.


Griftng at a much higher level than Gingrich or Carson. No wonder they support and admire him.

His next hat will be “make me whole again”


I have said from day one that “Trump for President” was just a scam to rake in some cash and promote his BRAND (as that is ALL Trump does and it is his only asset that is not leveraged to the hilt already.)
He only holds “campaign events” at his properties and charges outrageous rents for them. He PAYS HIMSELF to run his campaign (what other Presidential Candidate has ever done this?) He insists on charging ludicrous rent for unfinished floors of Trump tower to host his campaign and he won’t hire any more staff to actually do any work as all the donations are funneled into his “Charity”. The reason he does this? Any money left in the “Charity” after the campaign is over is his to do with as he pleases.
Like I said, it has all been one big scam created when he realized that 30% of Americans were now too frightened, angry, and STUPID to notice it (Grifter 101: find a group of suckers and work them for as long as you can.)


As most of the pundits on CNN and MSNBC have been pointing out, this isn’t about actually reaching out to minority voters, but making so that the not-racist White Republicans can feel better about voting for a man who hired a White Supremacist as CEO of his campaign.


His campaign reminds me of The Producers.


Dug is much smarter, and far less easily distracted, than Drumpf supporters.

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I think Hillary’s campaign should seize on this issue. The Russian Connection is too complicated for most people, especially any of those who could still be undecided at this point. Even his endless lying doesn’t resonate. But pocketing people’s hard-earned campaign contributions? Everyone can relate to that. Tie it to his long history of grifter-ness (including other instances of his self-enriching campaign spending) and to his refusal to release his tax returns. And especially mention it when he starts trying to raise questions about the Clinton Foundation. This should be a big issue,


All the grift that fits to print…


Well then I guess Trump and crew will need to get back on Craig’s List and hire some people of color to sprinkle through his audiences.


Will any MSM pick up on this? No.

I did get David something-or-other on NPR tearing into Hillary this morning for…OMG…fundraising this week! Won’t that look like you’re more interested in the HOLLYWOOD elite he cried. Sherrod Brown has some solid pushback–much to NPRs dismay it sounded like. He kept asking the same damn question, even after Sherrod Brown gave a answer based the reality of why fundraising is vital. He went so far as the gleefully (and I use that word intentionally) play a clip of Trump criticizing Hillary for fundraising…and THEN asked the same question that had already been answered three times!