Discussion: HUD, Carson Sued For Suspending Obama-Era Desegregation Rule

A disgrace, Especially so, given…


The idiot savant will plead that he knew nothing at all about it, his wife planned the dismantling of desegregation.


“[F]ailed socialist experiments”
“[D]evoting too many resources.”

Standard GOP boilerplate when it comes to reducing programs for the poor after giving the wealthy a massive tax cut.


Ding, ding, ding!

Nailed it.

Keep an eye on the recicisions that Trump is proposing too. Its even more draconian.


HUD, Carson Sued For Suspending Obama-Era Desegregation Rule

Several fair-housing advocates plan to file a lawsuit against the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Secretary Ben Carson

check me here but these 2 statements in this article don’t say the same thing…

Well, we know how much Trump cares about desegregation in housing. So this is right in line with that.

Preventing desegregation, that is.


Honest to God. These mofos shouldn’t even be able to claim they are ‘for the people’ when it is self evident what a bunch of self serving, grifting jerks they are.

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See the wealthy ask for so little, just a tax cut, each and every Republican administration.

… Carson has also been vocal about his opposition to the use of federal dollars to desegregate communities, calling the efforts “failed socialist experiments.”

The self-loathing is strong in this one.