Discussion: Huckabee Poised For 2016 Run, Rails Against 'Bill Clinton's Arkansas' (VIDEO)

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He’s running against Clintonian Arkansas?? That appeal should target maybe .001% of the 2016 electorate. Is this TBT? Huck certainly is caught in a time and era warp.


Aren’t drunken rednecks his base?


“In a strategy aimed at working-class cultural conservative” is MSM code for DUMB-FUCK REDNECKS who have never been more than 50 miles from their home town.


Teetotaler TeaParty types.

Huckabee is the third major Republican to enter the race this week.
Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson and former technology executive Carly
Fiorina launched their campaigns Monday.

I have to ask, if these problematical poseurs are “major” Republican presidential candidates, who are the “minor” ones, where are they, and when will they make themselves known to us?


Huck better be careful what he wishes for. A heck of a lot of people in Dixie and elsewhere around he country are going to look back on the 1980’s Clinton Era with it’s peace and prosperity and wonder why it all had to end when the GOP took over in 2000.

Unlike pious Preacher Droopy Dog Huckster, most folks in AR loved naughty Bill and his Northern wife whom they discovered was a really nice, caring First Lady in Little Rock. They left a lot of warm memories behind that still resonate today.

Bill may have since mellowed. And Hillary now takes a backseat to the grandchild in all those cute snapshots.of Chelsea’s baby. They come across as threatening to the general population as the rest of us retiring Baby Boomers with our pickeball paddles and heart medications.

Huck is going to have a really hard uphill battle trying to paint them otherwise. Conservatives have a real problem dealing with just about everything in life. It makes them seem out of step. Makes them seem rather stupid if not irrelevant to what is important to everyone else in the world.


I really, really hate this guy’s nauseating religiosity and false piety. It’ll be all about watching Huckafuck out-Jesus-ing the rest of these fucking clowns and charlatans.

He rears his ugly head every time a presidential campaign gives him the opportunity to swindle as many holy-rollers as possible in one fell swoop. He can’t win and he really doesn’t even pretend to try, but he sure as hell is gonna make as much money for himself as possible in the meanwhile…He truly is reprehensible, not only as the scam artist he is, but also as a human being.

So, Onward Christian Soldiers…There’s a Holy War out there somewhere that needs launching, and what better person to do that then the guy that wants other people’s children to do the fighting. Only then will they be worthy of G-d’s true Christian love in our Beloved Christian Nation. Leave it to Huckafuck to twist any logic with this kind of phony religious crap until he disqualifies himself thoroughly as he has so many times before on exactly the same ground.


Saw this today:

He’s currently ranked 6th in the polling averages.

What are we up to now,15-20 prospective Republican candidates? I’ve never seen anything so farcical. Reminds me of this Motown classic:

“Vote for me and I’ll set you free…”

Also happens to be really good house cleaning music.

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Another loud HAHAHAHOHOHO, soft hahahahhohoho moment…