Discussion: Hoyer Defends Tlaib, Slams GOP For Attacking Her: 'They Owe Her An Apology'


How can you tell a Republican is Lying?

Their lips move.


“If you read Rep. Tlaib’s comments, it is clear that President Trump and Congressional Republicans are taking them out of context,” Hoyer said to The Hill. “They must stop, and they owe her an apology.”

But, but I was told that House majority won’t defend their own…


How do you know that Rethuglicans are trying to tear our country apart?

By absolutely everything they do!


Good for him. This is clearly a straight-up case of gross misrepresentation. I’m a big believer in careful communication and not giving them ammo but there was nothing a bit wrong with what Tlaib said; in a saner nation it would contribute to mutual understanding, a very generous and sensitive statement on a difficult subject.


Yet the GOP is looking for minority women to help them win in 2020. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


I do think that her phrasing was inartful. Unfortunately, Muslims in congress (indeed, in public life generally) must expect to have their words twisted, particularly when they comment about Israel and Palestine. So they need to be extra careful in choosing those words. (There was a time when Jewish, and black, and Catholic and… politicians were in similar situations.) That is not just, but it is where we are.


Having once studied the history of the region from that time period, Tlaib is right. Many Jews moved to then British controlled Palestine and were provided a reasonably safe haven from all the horrors of European anti-semitism. Palestinians largely welcomed or acquiesced to the steady migration from the early 1900s through the 1940s. Where it got complicated politically is when the holocaust gave the impetus to Jewish nationalism and a homeland carved out of Palestine, and also where Hitler’s ideology held some influence among some far right Palestinians who wanted to kick the Jews out or expressed fear of the demographic change in the region as the Jewish population steadily increased. As European colonial power waned in the wake of 2 world wars in the first 50 years of that century, nationalism grew and that did result in conflicts where independence was concerned. Then in the run up to and post-Israeli independence period, Arab politics radicalized calling for the ‘destruction of Israel’ and that defined and shaped regional politics for the first 30-40 years until Israel established unquestioned military superiority.


no, you were told that the leadership hadn’t defended their own – by people who were demanding that they do so.

Its nice that Steny Hoyer said this stuff…
Its not so impressive when you realize it comes from a “brief email” he sent, presumably to a reporter from The HIll.

Nor is there the slightest sign of the push-back that is necessary for an effective defense of Tlaib. Hoyer does not mention Cheney’s hypocrisy, and Trump’s consistently anti-Semitic statements . The best defense is a good offense, after all…

So on the scale of 1 -10, Hoyer gets a 4 from me. Better than criticism of Tlaib as a response, but very weak tea when something much stronger is demanded of the Democratic leadership


I also didn’t say any names (pertaining to membership, leadership or critics), but are you sure that you wanna chime in on this?


“Trump and other Republicans are twisting her ‘calming feeling’ remark to mean that she approved of the Holocaust.”

GOP goysplaining at its worst.

Including lies of her lauding “Palestinians welcoming Jews with open arms”.

(She said no such thing.)

Shorter GOP: “Joos are stoopid.”


I don’t see the problem here. Why give Cheney any oxygen? She’s a pale reflection of her pa. No need to raise her profile; that’s what she wants, after all.


“Goysplaining.” Priceless, thanks!


Please don’t blame the victim here. You’re demanding that she be perfect. That implicitly moves the blame from the bad faith attacks to Tlaib, and implies that she is somehow complicit in this outrage.


you’re right. I don’t know if someone, somewhere, once told you that the “House majority won’t defend their own” without demanding better of the leadership.

I do know, however, that I, and many people here, demand that the current House leadership do better, and if they don’t they need to be replaced with better leadership.


So what you (and others) are saying is that you thought that post was about you, yes?

because the goal is not to elevate Cheney, but to make Trump’s anti-Semitic comments the issue. If you attack Cheney for her failure to call out Trump’s anti-semitism, the media focus turns to Trump and his comments, not Cheney.


White women are considered minority women in the GOP.


Does their Omar response count as an effective response, yes or no?

It’s relevant because with both cases, house leadership was pushing back against GOP claims.

If you’re talking about candidates rather than supporters, I agree.

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