Discussion: How Trump Models His Campaign After Pro-Wrestling (No, Really)

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Considering that Trump is a friend of the Clintons, and all Tea Partiers can’t stand them, he’s not a true Tea Partier (he just plays one on TV).

I think this is Trump’s plan:

  1. pander to conservative media for free air time
  2. say outrageous things for more air time and excite the crazed base
  3. become target of other candidate’s attacks rather than Hillary and Obama
  4. run as third party candidate
  5. hang out in White House with Hillary and Bill

Trump is smart enough to know that any of the GOP candidates would turn the US into Kansas, and that isn’t good for Trump’s bottom line.


Trump as the Democrat’s Trojan Horse in the Republican primaries, or just a troll?

You decide.

As much as anything, this illustrates the chasm between Billionaires and the Rest Of Us…

Who the hell is going to be in a position to DEMAND OF Trump to explain what he really thinks and believes?

the rhetoric of wrestling

Goodbye pantsuit…


one big difference…Trump has finally run, Vince hasn’t…BUT, Vince’s wife has…twice…Trump will take the third strike from her

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But this is the second straight presidential campaign where the GOP has offered us clowns. Remember Santorum on marrying animals, Cain’s 999 “plan”, Gingrich and Perry and the rest? Soon they will have to change GOP to WPE–Worldwide Political Entertainment. They are winning the ratings of a shocked audience, but they just cannot govern.

The Chinese consumers go INSANE for his bull in a China Shop routine and they are very brand orientated consumers.

Trump seems to be having the time of his life AND is going to make a cargo ship loads of cash off his brand

Anything can be good for the bottom line if you know it’s coming and adjust your portfolio appropriately.

Scripted by Vince McMahon and Barron Harkonnan aka Roger Ailes. Trump on top 5 minutes into the match throwing a beautiful upsidedown liplock on Megyn Kelly while team partners Bush, Kasich and Elfin Randy Paul are nowhere in sight.

Look for free market underdog Libertarian Paul to leap back into the ring using MMA tactics supplemented by AAS and and a player to be named later. He’ll be behind John Ellis by spring of next year. Paul’s unpossible and unfortunate comeback will derive from a totally unexpected source. Like something straight out of the WWE or an Alex “libertarian” Jones show. Any guesses?

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We elected Jesse Ventura, Al Franken, and Ronald Reagan. Its not so crazy to think that an entertainment personality could be elected.

Hell, the look at the involvement and success of Vitali Klitschko in Ukraine. People who are interested in populist candidates can easily accept unconventional candidates.


Anything Trump does wrong is simply taken as more proof he’s ‘authentic.’

He has, however, told the GOP base more truth than they have heard in a long time.


I’m still puzzling how this whole essay gets written without mentioning Jesse The Body Ventura.


“Trump will likely go down in history as a joke candidate, his pro wrestling persona the evidence that he was never serious.”

Reagan will likely go down in history as a joke candidate, his chimp comedy persona the evidence that he was never serious.

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Trojan Troll Doll?

Woops I didn’t quit google right…try this for trojan horse troll…



(Did you ever see the Chimp Comedy? He talked to the chimp the same way he talked to voters. They suppressed it before the election.)

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Fox viewers and pro-rasslin’ fans can vote…

Wouldn’t be surprised if voting booths were allowed at rasslin’ arenas and stock car races and JeffFoxworthy venues.

Hey Mike… For an old timer like me…

Trump’s more like a cross between
Gorgeous George and <a href-“https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freddie_Blassie”>Freddie Blassie.

Now … Out here on the left coast…

Trump and his ilk from the New York investment crowd are little more that well dressed grifters.

We already experienced the 8 year debacle of wise-cracking and false-front of Arnold “Chisel-Chest” Schwarzenegger as Governor.

Does anyone wonder why since then we here in California elected a pragmatist such as Jerry Brown to direct the extraction of our economic base from both the New York Wall Street crowd and the clutches of the right-wingers?

A Money Milestone: The End of California’s 2004 Deficit Debt - August 5, 2015

While the rest of the country, and especially the easily led pop-culture crowd on the Eastern seaboard add large amounts of oxygen to this current “wrestling” like Trump circus, we just continue to carry on with our Pacific Rim partners supplying the goods to those in the rest of the US who like to buy shiny objects and small electronic devices that glow in the dark and blink in pretty colors.

To the majority out here… Ho-hum…




““I think Rick Perry is probably smarter than Lindsey Graham,” proclaimed
Donald. If any insult should lead to a fight that can only be resolved
in a steel cage, it’s that. A gentleman just doesn’t call a gentleman
dumber than Rick Perry in a public forum.”

But the Donald does…any time he wants. Trump is no gentleman.


I think the key point to this article (at least from the perspective of a pro wrestling fan who wants to defend the sport from association with Trump) is one that is glossed over too quickly: wrestling is a drama, with good guys and bad guys, and the bad guys say outrageous things and rile up the crowd in order to draw boos, so that when the hero wins the cheers will be that much louder. Trump isn’t trying to draw boos (unless he’s secretly doing the bidding of some larger political force, and his candidacy is a sham), he actually thinks that voters will support his antics. If anything, those candidates who are attempting to push their poll numbers up by feuding with Trump are the ones following wrestling logic: they are setting themselves up as the underdog good-guy against Trump’s McMahon-like villain. If Trump accurately understood the lessons of professional wrestling, he’d realize that he’s painting himself into a corner while everyone waits for his eventual comeuppance.

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