Discussion: How Democrats Are Trying To Define Jeb Bush Ahead Of 2016

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The Clintons have a global foundation that gives billions of dollars around the world to the poorest of the poorest. Jeb Bush was on a foundation that helped billionaires hide their money overseas.


Also, as governor Jeb Bush made Florida the worse state in the union for working Americans when it comes to taxes. He shifted all the taxes on sales taxes which was pushed on the working poor and lowered the taxes on the 1 percent.


How about defining him as the brother of the worst president in modern history. I think that might work.


The only definition needed for the gop is they are Corrupt…They take bribes and brag about it…Jebbie is as corrupt as the day is long…We, as a nation, have given up our right to chose who we want representing us in our government…we are at the mercy of big money politics…Once we crossed the Citizen’s United line, our form of democracy was ripped from our voting hands…Defining any and all candidates by how much money they can raise, sounds kinda evil and corrupt doesn’t it? Define this gop…


I thought Democrats were too busy with Hillary’s coronation to bother defining Jeb. That’s in the bag; Terri’s Law, Stand your (yikes!) Ground. Dems don’t play that game anyway - you know, why define one’s self? Could lead to having to take a stand. Yeah, I know I’m being silly.

Dems should really be defining Hillary, and not just as the wife of a philandering former president. Maybe some Spanish classes, or how to run a campaign workshop?

And Hill, please drop a few pounds . Sorry girls, but I watched her a few months back trying to get up 4-5 steps at a Run Hillary stop somewhere in flyover country. If it wasn’t for the railing she would have never made it!

And drop the pantsuits … jeez. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Darcy IS BACK!!!

The very fact that he and Romney met recently to flip a coin to see who would get the nomination tells us they are two peas in the same greedy, corrupt Top 1% pod.

Trying to define him? He has a public record which defines him as a Bush in the same mode as his idiot brother. Just introducing him at a debate with that bio will give voters all the information they need to know that he’s a bad idea for America. There is no running away from his roots or his filthy rich, warmongering past.

Cheney is his godfather for heaven’s sakes. Talk about Satanic Voices guiding him and the nation into another Great Recession and Middle Eastern War.


In Russia, Oligarch defines you. Ha. Ha. The Jeb Problem for the Dems is that our intergenerational-wealthy political dynasties signals their complicity in the rise of our kleptocracy. My granddaddy used to say, if they can get you asking the wrong questions, the answers don’t matter. The real question is why our national politics has degraded into a showcase for the concerns of the rich and not much else. Well, maybe Kim Kardashian’s derriere and that horse with measles stuck in the bathtub.


Got that right. Citizens United defines Jeb and the corruption they need to win elections.


The GOP doesn’t want anyone asking any questions about anything any longer…especially from their own Far Right base whom they would like to ditch altogether.

It’s making the redneck natives frustrated and angry. Jeb & Co. recently pushed their fertility goddess off her pedestal. This will not go down well. There will be an equal, damaging response to the GOP Establishment for this affront to the TeaParty crowd.

They may not always win, but they always get even. Huckabee is positioning himself to do just that.


The Prosperity Gospel vs the real gospel of Jesus Christ. Let’s just see if Pope Francis can clarify this matter in September to the masses. I think he’s on a mission from God. It must scare the heck out of Jeb and the conservative Catholics on the Supreme Court.


I gave up being a Democrat in 2010, thanks largely to Obama, but what the heck!
I’ll have a bash at defining Jeb Bush! Here goes!


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Here’s how I would define him…

Bush I : meh
Bush II : the worst president ever
Bush III : notice a trend? if he’s half has bad as his brother, he’d be the second worst president in history. can we really take that chance?


Stand Your Ground and Terry Schiavo. That’s Jebbie in office in Florida. Very, very smart tactics from the Democrats to get ahead of the lying weasley candidate, define him like they defined Mittens.


It may be that our Groinally Obsessed Party (GOP) mistakes their love of Koch and Bush for a healthy libido.

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That will happen, again and again. But very soon there will be a website jebbushforpresident.com put up by a gay couple in Oregon who’ll tell us what Jeb won’t. Can’t wait.


Sounds to me like the Dems have a pretty good start on identifying the real JEB BUSH.

“When it comes to any ideas or policies, he’s the same as Romney.”

Yeah, but there’s a big difference between the two that played a pretty big role in why Romney failed so hard. Say what you will about Jeb, he can still at least pull off the “Yes, I am in fact a human being and not a soulless ‘Rich Asshole’ model cyborg” thing that plagues Romney’s existence. I don’t know if I trust the American populace to connect so many dots on policy. As petty as it seems I still think the best strategy is to continue to bash the Bush name. His father was a weak one-termer and his brother “W” was one of the biggest political disasters in U.S. history. “Bush” is a named that should be raked through the mud ad nauseam for any Jeb candidacy. “Yeah, but can we afford a third Bush?” sticks, and fits on a bumper sticker.


I had no idea Cheney is his godfather. Wow. That is campaign gold.

“There is no running away from his roots or his filthy rich, warmongering past.”
Says it all. Thanks sandyh

Somebody, let me know when one of these hacks are seen in a department store or behind the wheel without a camera.

Jebbie as a regular guy! Puhleeeeeze. Any politician claiming to have a connection between their heart and head should be immediately disqualified for a lack of sincerity.

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