Discussion: How CNN Beat Everyone To The Roger Stone Punch

Or it’s Jeff Zucker deciding to try to get right with the Feds after having intentionally colluded to sabotage Hillary and promote Trump for the sake of revenue.


Could be.

Zucker is mistaken if he thinks that a tape full of schadenfraude will move the needle after years of paying Trump surrogates to spew misinformation under the guise of independent analysis.


Too Trollin’ Stone finally gets his comeuppence…

Apologies to Robin Trower et al…

Oh a stitch in time, just about saved me
From going through the same old moves
And this cat is nine
He still suffers
He’s going through the same old grooves
But that stone just keeps on rolling
Bringing me some real bad news
Takers get the honey
Givers sing the blues


CNN is obviously involved in collusion with Mueller as part of the deep state.

At least I wouldn’t be surprised to see that in a tweet at some point.


Ha! Hunch. More like collusion. -Sarah Sanders


It was the CNN trail-cam in the palm trees outside Stone’s house

Well, that was too easy.



Good catch by CNN. I was watching. Don Lemon’s show when Shimon Prokupecz was on, and I didn’t think too much about what he said. Pow!

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@dr_coyote Are you one of the coyotes Trump tweeted about this morning?

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Bet Fox is pissed they weren’t there to catch the pre-dawn perp walk!


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FLORIDA (AP) A perfectly reasonable citizen was escorted from his residence this morning by some volunteers in order to answer a few questions related to a minor misunderstanding during an election that occurred in 2016. Mr. Stone, long a Washington insider, may not be participating in his neighborhood fun run this weekend.


Wait a minute. They should have reported that “FBI agents lifted Stone’s rock and took him into custody.”

Waiting to see Roger “swagger” into a jail cell in his haughty, arrogantly superior and disdainful way.

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This reminds me of when we used to have journalists doing the journalism.


It would only have been better if they had run the FUX news van off the road on the way there…



Clearly, the Deep State is at work here.


Fucking delicious. I saw speculation about the grand jury convening on a Thursday and how indictments usually happens the following day. Good investigative work by CNN following up on their hunch. Especially great is how this is the station that broke the news, considering how much the right hates CNN.

I hope they have a sold case against Stone. I’d love to see this smarmy Nixon tattoo having ass behind bars for a long time.

Edited to add:

The crowd surrounding the courthouse was talking. It greeted Stone’s appearance with a loud chorus of boos. As Stone began to whine about the fact that “24 FBI officers” in “17 vehicles” showed up at his house, where they upset his dog, the various shouts and calls from the surrounding crowd suddenly coalesced into an ironic chant of “Lock him up! Lock him up https://www.dailykos.com



Mos’ def’. Me and MS-13.

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On a positive note, maybe this will convince news producers that paying attention to Greta Van Susteren is a complete waste of time.