Discussion: Housing Dept.: Carson Did Not Break Law Appearing With Trump At AZ Rally

No, he violated the Hatch Act, quite clearly.

“An announcer had introduced Carson as the secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.”

Right there. That was all it took. Once that statement was made, the only way he could possibly avoided a violtation was to either not speak or to speak on a policy matter of the HUD and NOTHING else. But he didn’t.

“To violate the Hatch Act, a person has to be engaged in political activity while acting in their official capacity,” said Canter. Carson “would have had to been participating in an event that made statements that expressly advocated for or against Trump’s re-election in 2020. None of his comments did that,” she said.”

The rally was specifically billed as a campaign event. It was paid for by the Trump re election PAC. His speech was directly dovetailed into Donald’s statements on racism, and made no references at all to any HUD issue (which could have quite easily have been done, but wasn’t).

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